50+ Fearless Feminine Power


Getting You Fired Up to Create the Life You Dream About

Photo by Aaron Webb, Creative Commons

Are you staring into the wide expanse of the second half of your life wondering what now???

Are you so busy catering to everyone else’s needs that you have lost who you are?

Do you feel stuck in a never ending rut of a “ho hum life”?

You’ve done an amazing job of being everyone’s “go to gal”. But now your kids are raised and your spouse is busy doing his thing and you wonder what is next.

And you know deep inside that this is the perfect time for you to discover what lights you up, what thrills and excites you, and totally go for it.

But somewhere along the way you lost your courage, and although you see time slipping away, you wonder if you will ever be able to get that spark back so that you can create the life you want- a life truly lived , on your terms and with no regrets!

You talk yourself out of your dreams, saying that you are being selfish. Or maybe you are thinking that your dreams are for someone else, someone who has more drive, guts and passion than you.

How could little old you dare to dream that big?

Well I am here to say CUT IT OUT!!!!!! Stop putting yourself last. This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your one and only life and time is running out!!!!!

Now is your time to live your life full of energy, purpose and passion.

 Time for you to stop “flat lining “and start lighting  the fire in your belly.

When we work together you will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision of how you want to live your life and bring it to reality
  • Discover what lights you up and makes you really happy
  • Push aside your fears and demons and start living full out and on fire
  • Get clear on your values and what really matters to you
  • Learn how being selfish benefits everyone around you


I passionately believe that every 50+ female has it within her to create an amazing, exciting and joyful life, no matter what the circumstances are. After all, you come from a generation who changed the world for all women.

You are Superwoman, taking care of everyone and everything and opening up doors for your daughters and future generations of women. Just look at how far you have come!

The only problem is that somewhere along the way you forgot to take care of yourself. Your soul fire has been snuffed out due to lack of nurturing it. Caught up in day to day living, you have put everyone’s dreams ahead of yours.

But now you feel a flicker, a desire of wanting something more……something just for you and  it is your job to ignite it before it suffocates.

My mission is to help you create the life you want-in a way that is designed uniquely for you so that you feel excited to get up in the morning and live your best life, fully and passionately.

When we work together you will stretch your boundaries on what is possible so that you feel that fire within grow into something that is bigger and better than you could ever imagine.

Don’t let another day go by! If you would like to make this once in a lifetime journey profoundly meaningful, download my free report below!                          

“How to Plan For A Smokin’ Hot Second Half” today!

And get fired up to begin an amazing journey into the next, magical phase of your life!   


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