blog_012716When I am coaching a client (or myself) I find that the questions that I ask often lead to the biggest break throughs. They help us get to know ourselves better and think more expansively. They challenge us to think differently and come from a place of possibility.

With that in mind I thought that I would ask you 3 of the most compelling questions for you to explore. Before you answer these questions make sure that you are relaxed and feeling open.Take a few deep breaths and let them out. Check in with your body and release any tension.

And when you are ready, ask yourself:

What would I do if I could not fail?

Often we get so caught up in making a mistake or not being perfect that we energetically sabotage ourselves. And we hold ourselves back from trying new things because we are afraid we might feel like a fool if we “fail”. We put way too much pressure on ourselves. It is time to lighten up and let go of the attachment to the outcome. When we do this we free up our inner guidance system to “do its thing”. Let go of the attachment to the outcome, be present and try something that you might not have otherwise.

If I were playing to win, what might I do?

Too often we play the “not to lose game” and that keeps us playing small. It is fear based instead of full of possibility. It keeps us stuck because we are more afraid of losing what we have than gaining something far better-something magnificent! In order to grow we have to let go of the ledge and trust that we have everything it takes to succeed. Will it always be a straight path….hell no! But it will be an amazing path and your own journey where you will learn and grow and become stronger and more resilient and more powerful-from the inside/out! Now That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Who do I have to become to create the business that I would like?

I truly believe that to grow your business you have to grow as a person. Your business is a reflection of who you are so when you want to grow your business you literally have to expand your way of being. What part of the way you do business needs to expand? Do you need to challenge your “visibility fears” and start showing up? Do you need to become more fearless and ask for what you want? Do you need to set better boundaries so that you can spend more time working on income producing activities? Do you need better leadership skill or people skills or relationship skills. Who do you have to become?

I would love to hear your comments below.

Cheers to YOU and your success,

marianne cherico

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