My Journey to Becoming a Coach

and Creating a Life and Business That I LOVE

Before I became a personal and professional development coach I had worn many hats in my life – Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Friend, Actress, Real Estate Agent and Home Stager.

But it wasn’t until I turned 56 that I decided that it was my time to proactively fulfill a lifelong dream- something that fed my spirit and made me feel as though I was contributing in a way that had meaning.

That is when I decided to get trained as a coach so that I could empower women to create a life and business that made their heart sing.

You see I have always been proud to be part of a generation of women who literally changed the world for women by opening up possibilities that were not there in previous generations. And as we fought for opportunity in a world that didn’t always embrace women equally, we had to reframe our preconceived notions on what was possible for us and teach others how to treat us.

It wasn’t easy but as we evolved- we learned a lot about ourselves! 

One of the golden nuggets of wisdom that I learned was that, in spite of the outside circumstances that might have me playing “small”  it was up me to create what I wanted in my life. No excuses, no blaming!

I found that through the journey I needed to work on my inner game so that I felt empowered from the inside. And I realized that who I became from the inside is what changed everything for me.

I got help by following thought leaders- leaders who helped me to look at life and challenge pre conceived paradigms – leaders who helped me to see that anything was truly possible as long as I believed that it was and took strategic action-in spite of my fears. 

“Walking my talk” and finding the inner strength to create a life and business that I love was my journey. 

When I made a decision to answer my soul’s whisper of becoming a coach it meant that I would finally be able to do something that I always longed to dochampion women- and get paid to do it.

It totally made sense to choose to work with Home Stagers since I had built my staging business from scratch back in 2005 and certainly learned both from coaches and mentors as well as the school of hard knocks.

I have coached many Home Stagers throughout the world on how to up level their business by developing both mindset skills and savvy business strategies. 

Helping these home stagers own their magnificence and create a life and business that sets their soul on fire is my sweet spot!  

If you are a Home Stager who is truly committed to creating  a business by design-a business that supports the life that you truly want- and you are ready to invest the time and money to do so, I would love to discuss how we might work together. 

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Cheers to YOU and YOUR Success,




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When you want to grow your business, mindset trumps everything-every strategy, every action, every plan.

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