50+ Fearless Feminine Power

About Marianne

My mission is to help Baby Boomer Women shine their light in their own magnificent and unique way and to show my daughters that life just keeps getting better!

I understand what it feels like to turn 50 and grasp that time is running out to really create the life you want in the second half. I, too, started missing the excitement, possibilities and joy that I had when I was younger, and I wanted to recreate those feelings in my life again.

But how?

Cherico FamilyI felt stuck on so many levels and even sometimes felt guilty about wanting something more. Who was I to dream so big…to not be satisfied? I am happily married and a proud mother of 3 amazing daughters who have lit up my life since the day they were born. But as they started lives of their own, I felt that it was not only OK but extremely important for me to do something really great that was all mine.

Since high school I have read self awareness books and books on breaking through personal barriers. And I have always been so proud to be part of a generation of women who have changed the world.

But it breaks my heart to see my peers hold themselves back from lack of confidence or fear of letting someone down or any other limiting belief. So I hired an awesome coach and she helped me work on my dream of helping Baby Boomer Women expand their possibilities and play a bigger game. She helped me find the guts to start the journey to certification at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and begin coaching women. In less than a year, I left my “safe” job of 17 years and began working on my first “Big Girl” launch which will begin in September, 2014:

Fabulous, Fearless and Fully Alive:
For Women Who Want A Smokin’ Hot Second Half

It is my sincerest pleasure to help you stoke the fire within to create a smokin’ hot second half!