blog_090915One who waffles, from the verb waffle, meaning to never settle on a stance on one (or more) issue(s); A waffler usually goes from one side to the other and back again, usually multiple times, depending on who (s)he is talking to at the time. -Urban Dictionary

A dear friend of mine has amazing design instincts and yet she is currently stuck in “I don’t know land” about a paint color for her kitchen. It has been going on for quite some time. She currently has a gorgeous hand painted mural of a garden scene that is timeless but the walls abutting it are a dated faux finish so she wants to change them to a solid colored paint and she is torturing herself over what color to pick.

Should she go with the gray lavender that is in walls in the hall adjoining for a subtle consistent flow or a pear color that is in the bird in the mural for a pop of color and fun?

She asked me my opinion on the colors she was thinking of and I told her what I thought. My background is in art and design so it made sense to consult with me on this. She has also asked the opinion of numerous others which has caused her to waffle.

Basically I let her know that none of her choices were wrong-she has a great eye- but each choice would give her a different feeling and she had to choose which feeling she wanted.

That is where she has to make the decision. This is where the “rubber meets the road” and it is up to her to decide.

However when I saw her this week she was still laboring over it? Now we just laugh because she really can’t make up her mind on this and it has become a fun joke.

I even suggested that she paint a piece of the wall to see if she likes it.

Instead she wants to ask other people’s opinions, hoping that somehow she will be able to decide-maybe someone will have the magic answer.

She is waffling.

And waffling over a paint color is not the worst thing in the world but if this is how you handle every decision that you make, you may want to rethink this strategy, especially in business and major life decisions.

Life constantly presents us with opportunities to make decisions. At some point you simply have to take a stance and make a decision.

Not making a decision is a decision in itself and will impede your growth.

Let’s say you want to make a big business decision-for instance starting a new business and you are so caught up in everyone’s opinion that you never make a move.

How will you ever know if that might have been the most amazing choice if you don’t at least try?

The really cool thing is that once you start making decisions and moving forward, you will know whether it is something that excites you (and maybe even scares you a little) or deflates you. Sometimes you have to commit to a path to figure this. You need to experience it instead of just think about it.

This is certainly different than giving yourself time to make a decision by strategic choice, for instance giving your intuition time to guide you.

The point is that there are no guarantees and part of the adventure in life is to try on things to see if they are a good fit.

It is better to take action and then listen to your inner voice on guidance for the next step. This builds momentum and confidence.

So what are you waffling on and what step can you take to move forward?

In Total Support,

marianne cherico

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