Baby Boomer Woman-Is it Time to Rewrite Your Story

I feel so humbled and honored to work with all kinds of amazing women in my business. It is such a joy for me to be able to watch each woman triumph over her challenges and witness her unique transformation into a new way of being

The transformation doesn’t usually happen in one giant leap. Some of the most profound changes take place in each woman with the small steps that allow her to finally begin to own her power and start creating her life intentionally.

It is all of these small victories that cumulatively create a more powerful woman- a woman who is innately true to herself and shows up in the world from a centered place of power and joy.

I am not talking about an egoic kind of power. I am talking about the kind of power that comes from a more whole, centered and loving place-a place where each of these women expresses kindness to herself and it radiates out into the world in a way that attracts more of its kind.

Can you imagine the power of that in your life? Can you imagine the power of that in the world?

One of the ways that I help these women express more kindness to themselves is to understand that many of the “stories” that they have bought “hook line and sinker” about themselves are simply not true. They are lies that don’t serve them and only hurt them!

It breaks my heart that many women heard these stories from people that they loved and were supposed to love them, usually at an impressionable age and often through a lifetime.

Many of these women have gone on to be hugely successful, but they keep hearing the voice in their head that says “you will never be able to do that, you are too stupid, you are never enough, why bother?” So they never feel real joy about their accomplishments or they hold back because they don’t feel deserving.

The truth is we all deserve better than that!!! We deserve to live our lives joyfully and to the fullest expression of our spirit! ALL of us!!!

Be aware of stories that play in your head-the ones that keep you from loving yourself, owning your power and living in your magnificence.

Any story that makes you feel bad or small or not enough is not a good story.

Start creating a new story. In this new story come from a place of loving the woman who you are and accepting her completely. Start by asking yourself these questions:

What does this woman long for? How can I love her with all of her strengths and weaknesses? What would bring her more joy? What does she need from me? Who is that woman yearning to become? How can I help her become who she wants to be?

Write in your journal about her. You can even give her a name that is compelling to you.

For instance, the year that I wanted to double my income from my Home Staging business I decided that my name would be ROCKSTAR STAGER. That name made me feel as though it could be a fun process and I would tap into being better than ever as a stager. That mindset helped me to double my income that year.

Start writing the story of life from an “anything is possible perspective”.

And be kind to that woman you are becoming. Love that woman up!!!!

I am totally rooting for you!!!


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