Baby Boomer Woman-Let Your Authentic Light

I believe that it is our duty to appreciate, nurture and allow our inner spirit to guide us in our life (and business), so that we show up authentically and we fully embrace who we are.

As we get older, sometimes we are beaten down by the need to fit into everyone else’s idea of who we should be  and when we hit our fifties -we often realize that we have lost who we are.

We have become watered down and complacent instead of fired up and energized.

The other day I was watching a commercial and it took me through the phases of a man’s life from when he was a teenager to when he was in his 50’s. It was a car commercial and the idea was that he drove the same brand of car throughout the years, but the cars changed depending on what was going on in his life. For instance, he had a small car when he was a teen ager, minivan when he had a family and a “mid life crisis “sports car when he was older.

What really got me was the tagline at the end when the commercial showed him in his sports car. It was something like “so that you can remember the you you used to be”.

I remember being in LA with my husband and daughter Jasmine a few years back and renting a yellow buggy convertible and it was sooooo cool because I always wanted one and for 5 days I had a blast in that little buggy -it gave me a sense of fun and freedom and I didn’t care at all that I was in my 50’s and driving this “not so sophisticated car” because it felt like me.

Baby Boomer Woman-Let Your Authentic Light Shine Through

When we were younger, we were passionate about who we were and what we represented. We dressed in funky clothes like tie dyed bell bottoms and flower power colors. We were the generation that had sit ins if we didn’t like something.  We fought for women’s rights and although we didn’t always agree with each other, we spoke out in our authentic voice.

We were passionate!!!

As we took on responsibilities in our lives we became identified by labels-wife, Mother, boss, employee, business owner.  And we have forgotten the vibrant parts of ourselves that see the world differently-the parts that look at everything from the lens of our inner spirit-in full color.

I remember listening to Oprah one day a long time ago and she said that the 50’s is a great time because you begin to become more of who you are. I would like to add that, it is up to you to nurture that part of you. Otherwise you will flatline and become complacent and rob yourself and the world of your magnificence.

Start by asking yourself some simple questions to get your juices flowing:

(I have provided my own answers to inspire you):

What might I wear if I were showing up authentically me?

For me – I love leopard and I also love  turquoise and gray/lavender. If you look in my closet you will see a lot of those colors as well as black and white. And I like tie dye-I think because it reminds me of when I was younger and expressed myself vibrantly through my clothing. I also like jewelry that sparkles and is colorful.

What books move me?

To Kill a Mockinbird, Snow Falling on Cedars, A Lesson Before Dying, Poisonwood Bible and Where the Red Fern Grows are some of my favorites because they are written so well and helped me understand more fully what it might have been like for the characters in these novels and that makes me a more compassionate person.

I also love transformational books like Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways, The Big Leap and Goddesses Never Age because they help me understand how to play a bigger game and that excites me and makes me want to step out of my comfort zone and live full out.

What Art Do You Like?

Personally, I love any art that is layered and unique and creative. The way that an artist uses color and pattern and texture gets me excited. I like more contemporary art with dimension.

What Causes Do You Feel Strongly About?

I feel strongly about equal rights and I have a special place in my heart for women’s rights. It breaks my heart to see women in other parts of the world being treated so poorly. And our generation fought hard for equal pay for women but we are not there yet! I also believe that every child has the right to be protected against any form of abuse and that it is our job as a society to protect children.

What Would You Like to Do More of In Your Life?

My mission is to help Baby Boomer Women create the next phase of their life so that they shine their beautiful light on the world. I want to poke and prod and champion and inspire and enlighten and motivate these women to get off the couch and start living like they mean it.

I also want to help set an example for our younger generation of women to see that aging can be a beautiful thing and to help alleviate the stigma of being an older woman. I would also like to travel more, experience more, become more in this next phase of life.

The bottom line is that as we age, this is an opportune time to show up in a way that is authentically you and this goes for life and business. Let your spirit shine through and you will magnetize the right people to you – those who appreciate you fully.

You will be drawn to jobs, businesses, hobbies and lifestyles that speak to who you really are and you will live this next phase of your beautiful life in full color!

So Shine on!!!


marianne cherico

P.S. If you are not living authentically and full out and would like to, please email me at to set up a complimentary discovery session.