Senior woman enjoying a fruity cream cake sitting on a sofa licking the spoon with her eyes closed in ecstasyMany of us in the Baby Boomer generation know what it is like to see life go by too quickly.

We wish that we could just slow down time so that we could savor the moments.

If you are a business owner like myself maybe you too wish that you didn’t have to work so many hours.

Maybe you want to create a deeper meaning in your life and business so that your business is an extension of a life lived on purpose. And you also want to be feel financially abundant! You want to have your cake and eat it too.

Our careers or businesses have been born and sometimes fizzled in lieu of something else. In the blink of an eye our babies have left the nest to start their lives anew. Loved ones have left us-some far too soon. Some of us have become Grandparents. Often our dreams have been usurped by responsibilities and duty. We wish we had more time and energy to revel in the nuances of everyday life instead of being pulled into the undertow of making a living. We wish that we had more time for our art or writing or spirituality or taking better care of our bodies or……..(fill in the blanks).

Those  of us who worked hard to create a business or career that would support our family are beginning to want something more. We may love our businesses but we know that there is something missing…….something very important!

We want ourselves back! We want to live our lives with intentionality! We want to start honoring the essence of who we are and the things that really make us tick! And we want to do it now-before it is too late!

Spirituality conceptWho is that woman behind that business woman personae? What does she dream about? What lights her fire and tickles her spirit?

As a business owner I understand that your business can take over your life-especially if you love what you do as I do. However I also know that it is ever more important to create your business around what you want more of in your life-more time, more freedom, more joy, more spirit and yes- more money.

We want it all!!!!

Why not, we ask? We are the Superwoman generation who did it all before! And although that myth proved to be exhausting as we juggled family care with budding careers, I still believe that we can structure our business to support our life instead of the other way around, which is the default paradigm.

The trick is to do it mindfully and let go of the notion that everything has to be picture perfect. You always have to barter something for something else, but it doesn’t have to be painful.

If you begin to focus more on things that enrich your life, things that you have neglected, you may wonder where you will find the time. Time, in fact, is an illusion. You can always find time to do something that is important. Period!

Let’s say that you want to focus more on spirituality and yoga is the venue that lights you up. You could go to an early morning yoga class before work, or after. You could go during lunch break or do a class at home anytime. You could take a morning class and go to work later. You could go on the weekend.

The point is that it is up to you to make it a priority. Once you make that decision there are a gazillion ways to make it happen. The “how” will come to you.

It is time  to stop living by default and start taking  stock of how we are living our lives in alignment with what truly matters. When we are in alignment with our core values and living our lives mindfully we are more fulfilled.  We feel it in our bones.

We are having our cake and savoring every bite of it!

Now that is what I am talkin’ about!



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