Baby Boomer Women- YOU Have Got the Power!

When I think of how much our generation of women has changed the world, I am amazed at the strength and fortitude of this amazing group of women. Through sheer determination and passion for our rights as women, we made it possible for our daughters and future generations of women to have choices in our lives that would have been squashed in previous generations.

We took risks, ventured into new territory and boldly began changing who we were as women. The world stood up and took notice as we carved out new role models for our selves and our daughters.

It was not easy and as each woman experienced the challenges individually-they often came up against things that our daughters will never have to endure.

Do you remember feeling as though you had to become “like a man” to fit into the working world? And heaven forbid you ever showed emotion or worse-cried. That would have been looked at as such a sign of weakness. Forget about showing any female emotion-you had to “man up”.

You worked twice as hard to prove yourself (while making much less than your male colleagues) all while juggling all of your responsibilities to your family. You were the wind beneath everyone’s wings. You were Superwoman-you did it all!

So it always breaks my heart when I see the same fearless ,world changing woman  lose her passion through years of giving all of her power away to everyone else but herself. What happened?

Many of you, myself included, put our families first while our children were young. Now that they are grown we want to know what is next. Who are we and what do we want now? The thought of withering away in a rocking chair is not appealing. We want more!

One of the most common complaints I hear from women I coach is that they have forgotten how to do for themselves and they have lost who they are. They know that they want to create the next phase of their lives in a way that means something. They know that time is running out for them to begin creating what they want. But they just can’t let go of being everyone’s “go to” gal so that they can pay attention to their own dreams and desires.

And worse-they feel SELFISH when they take care of their own needs. Are you kidding? You have devoted your lives to making others lives better and now is your time to live the life they really want- you know-the one that you fought so hard for.

Here is the thing- ONLY YOU HAVE THE POWER to do this for yourself. ONLY YOU!

You can get help through coaching, and that is a great way to start the process and get support, but it is up to you to do whatever it takes to create the life you want. And it is never too late!

You are where you are because of all the choices you have made thus far. But where do you want to be a year from now, or 10, or when you are in your nineties? Only you can answer that.

So how about taking one step forward towards your dreams….and then another and another?

Because you are fearless and powerful and amazing and you can do it! YOU have the power!

Now let’s go show our daughters what we are made of!!!



Marianne Cherico