Marianne - Biggest Fattest Lie

I know that some women don’t like to disclose their age for fear of being seen as old. Frankly, I am not one of them. I am 57 years old and proud of it, but to each her own.

However this is not the biggest fattest lie that women tell.

The real lie is much worse! It is a lie that stops women in their tracks, causes fear and uncertainty and makes women feel really bad about themselves. This lie keeps women playing small, stuck, stagnant and bored. It prevents them from living a life that is aligned with their deepest dreams, desires and ambitions.

This lie dictates what women wear, how they relate to people, how they feel about themselves and basically how they show up in the world.

And the sad truth is that this lie holds women back from finding true joy at an age when they should have more freedom to make choices that will serve their higher purpose.

What is the lie, you ask?

Simply- I am too old!!!

When you tell yourself that you are too old to look good and feel great; change jobs for a more fulfilling one; create the life you dream about; or anything else that limits you-it is you that is stopping you.

You make the choice about how you perceive your age. So how about reframing the way that you think. Whenever you are feeling old look at this list:

What I focus on expands- I choose to focus on a Kick Ass second half

It is never too late to make my dreams come true

I have more tools in my tool kit to create whatever I want

With age come s incredible wisdom

My priorities are so much clearer than when I was younger

I see beauty in women of all ages

I choose to take care of my body, mind, spirit

Add your own empowering thoughts to this list and start to own it.

You are never too old to take up a hobby that makes your heart sing, take better care of yourself, move towards a new dream, start a new business or create the life you want. This lie is just an excuse that robs you of a better life.

Instead, let’s show our daughters the reverence we have for age and how to embrace age with all the gusto of our youth. Now wouldn’t that leave a lovely legacy for future generations of women!?