Break the Rules and Give Yourself Some Valentines Day Lovin'

On this Valentine’s Day week it would be so awesome if you could start breaking your own rules and start indulging yourself in some new rules that allow you to fully love yourself. I believe that life is art and we get to create it the way we want.

With that in mind I am suggesting some new rules for you to start implementing in your life. You might even try and focus on one of these rules each day.

1) Practice the Art of Receiving-So many women I know are masters at giving but somehow find it difficult to receive. If this is you, think about the feeling you get when you give and how it not only makes the other person happy, but it fills you up as well. If you look at the pleasure you get from giving you will understand that not allowing someone to give to you robs them of that joy. So the next time your kids want to pay for dinner or someone offers to do something nice for you-let them! Embrace your feeling of appreciation for their gift and allow them that loving feeling of sharing.

2) Practice the Art of Self Indulgence- You are NOT being selfish when you take care of your needs. I repeat-you are not being selfish. I coach many women who feel that it is their sole responsibility to cater to everyone’s needs long beyond the call of duty. They totally put their life on hold and stop everything to take care of everyone else and feel guilty when they do anything for themselves. Start thinking about what you would really like to do and start making it a priority-literally put it on your schedule. Maybe you would like to take an art class or do more yoga or get a monthly massage. Schedule it and do it! This takes practice but take one baby step at a time. Trust me-this is soo important.

3) Practice the Art of Saying No-Some women find it difficult to say no and they end up taking on way more than they have time or bandwidth for. This leads to burn out and/or resentment. If you are one of these women, start setting up personal boundaries so that you don’t take on things that you really don’t want to do. People around you may be surprised at first and all your gremlins may come up, but stick to it. They will soon get used to this new empowered you (and respect you even more)! Again, start with baby steps on this and you will become more and more comfortable with saying no.¬†

4) Practice the Art of Not Caring What Anyone Thinks- What anyone thinks of you is their business. It is colored by their agenda, their stuff and their personal stories and has nothing to do with you. Don’t let other’s thoughts about you take up space in your head and heart. What really matters is what you think of you. When you truly love yourself you show up in the world from a different place. You are more loving and less judgmental. You are not passive aggressive. You lead with kindness and authenticity. So love yourself first and give the world that beautiful best part of you-your pure heart.

5) Practice the Art of Allowing Yourself to Believe in your Dreams- You can absolutely make your dreams a reality but first you have to believe that you can. When you practice self love you will do whatever it takes to nurture that part of you- the part that yearns for your best life. You will begin to realize that your needs are important. Think about this- what would you want for your daughters, sons or best friends? You would want them to have a rich, fully lived life, right? Why not model self love so that they will know that it is more than ok for them to take care of their needs as well. Do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. Invest in yourself! Life is short and you are soooooooo worth it!

Loving yourself is the most healing, kind thing that you can do both for yourself and the universe. It allows you to come from a place of abundance and share your best gifts with the world. So don’t hold back – break some of your old useless rules and start going full out with indulging yourself and watch the magic that you create.

Now that’s what I am talkin’ about!

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Marianne Cherico
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