Marianne - Just Breathe

In my recent blog The Gift of the Present I talked about how important it is to be mindful of the simple but profound moments of your lives so that you can savor them and allow them to linger.

Being strategically mindful is something to strive for often in your day. If you have ever done yoga or meditation you would recognize the benefits of being mindful of your breath.

For instance:

If you have tight muscles and you “breathe into them” it helps them release and let go

Breathing helps you stay grounded

When you focus on your breath it brings you to the present moment and stops the mind chatter

There are other benefits to being aware of your breath. If you are nervous ,your breath tends to speed up or you breathing becomes more shallow. This is the perfect time to consciously breathe deeper, into your belly and relax your body. By staying present, you are more apt to make decisions that are intuitive and guided by a higher power.

You can also purposefully take a few deep breaths before responding impulsively so that you get back in touch with your higher self before you respond.

My yoga teacher read the following poem to us in class and I would like to share it with you. Clive Fogelman talks beautifully about this life giving, magical force. Enjoy!


Finding my Breath

by Clive Fogelman

You come to me when I feel untethered

Unsure of my next move, you offer space to pause

A sanctuary to confront my reality

When I want to escape, you bring me back

In the midst of pain and confusion, you are always present

Providing calm within the chaos, guiding me to a place of acceptance

Some lessons are hard to hear but you ground me in the shadows of uncertainty

My ego visits often, luring me away and

Old voices return urging me to push harder and go deeper

But you encourage me to go slower and be gentler

There are many distractions but you guide me through the clutter

Defenses dissolve as I open to a new world

I often need to give you permission to be free but this is my work

Even when I forget about you, you remain by my side, sustaining and nourishing me

Every day you challenge me providing a window into my soul

You are the reflection that maintains my balance

You are the key that unlocks my flow

You allow me to fly and be grounded

You let me dance and be still

You hold me and you release me

You are my breath