I recently finished doing a Seven Day Challenge for a group of wonderful women called Baby Boomer Woman-Now is Your Time to Fire Up Your Life and it was so lovely to watch these women start to do things that they had previously shied away from.

One of my favorite challenges for them was called “Bring on Your Badass”. I began by explaining the definition of a badass.

“A badass is a really cool, confident woman who knows who she is and doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone.

She is not about ego-she shows up in the world authentically-without making excuses for who she is.

A badass is cool and sexy and comfortable in her own skin. She does what she wants. She is not  worried about who she does or doesn’t impress and she is uninfluenced by fads.

A badass wears what pleases her and she does this with inner confidence-she rocks it!

She also spends her time how she wants, eats what she wants, listens to music she likes and indulges in things that bring her joy”.

My challenge was for each of these women to post a picture of themselves wearing or doing something that made them feel badass.

It was so exciting to see these women come out of their shell. It was if doing this challenge and being encouraged by myself as well as the other women gave them permission to put on their sassy pants and go for it .

What I found most interesting was that they all tried something that was a stretch for them and  may have seemed small  by others standards, but it was huge for them.

The main thing was their inner game-that they felt BA.

One woman posted a picture of herself in skinny jeans and a jean jacket.  Her badacity may have gone unnoticed by others but to her-she was rocking it from the inside out. Here is what she had to say:

“I don’t think anyone would call me a bad ass. I chose this outfit for my photo op because when I wear my skinny jeans and jean jacket I feel young and confident. Maybe even a little sassy.”

Another  woman said that she felt badass riding her horse and posted a picture of herself riding . Here is what she had to say:

“I never thought of myself as badass. But riding my horse makes me feel strong and independent. There are very very few of my peers who ride and I like that I pursue this passion and don’t conform to what is expected of my age (65).”

Another fabulous woman donned a biker chick out fit. She said:

“This is my bad-ass look. Biker chick. I told my husband it is amazing the swagger that develops when you put on black leather.”

The point is that we all have some badass in us. Tapping into this part of yourself helps you show up authentically and from a place of innate power.

It helps you take on the world with an inner swagger.

So next time you are feeling small or want to start playing a bigger game in your life, how can you bring on your badacity?

I would love to hear in the comments below (and feel free to post pictures).

Cheers to  your Inner BA,

marianne cherico

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