One on One Personalized Coaching

with Marianne Cherico

If you want to become the “go to stager” in your area and you are ready to “up your game” and create the business and life that you really want- keep reading!

One on one coaching with Marianne Cherico is for stagers who are ready to invest in themselves and their business so that they are unstoppable.

When we work together I will help you create a clear vision for your business so that it is custom made just for you!

Whether you are just beginning your staging business or want to take that leap of faith and grow your existing business I will help you develop the strategies and mindset necessary to propel you forward like never before and still have a life that sets your soul on fire!. 

If you are seriously ready to make 2018 your best year ever, and are willing to invest the time and money to make that happen, email me at and we will set up a discovery session.

Cheers to YOU and YOUR success,