Marianne - Daydream
I remember getting the “Class Day Dreamer” award in High School.

My Mother was not impressed. She was hoping that I might get best dressed or most popular or something like that. But no, I got “Class Day Dreamer”. And frankly, I liked being thought of as a little “out there”. It fed into my creative, whimsical side.

Bored with a teacher who failed to inspire, I would make up my own stories in my daydreams and they were certainly much more interesting, at least to me. And I find that this skill comes in handy now that I am in my fifties. Who knew?

Now I purposefully daydream so that I can envision what I want to create in my life. And I call it “manifesting”. Perhaps my Mother might have been more impressed with that term-lol.

So how about you?
  • When was the last time you allowed yourself to daydream-to just kick back and muse about what you would like to create in your life?
  • Do you ever wonder if time or money or fear were not present what you would be doing in your life?
  • Who would you become?
Try asking yourself these compelling questions and simply day dream about them.

Let your mind wander and see how it feels to be you-just creating whatever you want. Dream and go as big as you want. From a Law of Attraction perspective, this envisioning puts the universe on alert that you are growing and stretching your possibilities -so watch out world.

But this is just the beginning. What if once you started to dream bigger dreams, you actually started to take small steps that lean into what you dream about.

So say you dream about leaving your job and creating a business that suits the lifestyle you would like to create?

First determine what your lifestyle might look like. And then dream about it….envision it!
  • Would you work part time or full time?
  • How would your free time be filled?
  • What would this lifestyle business give you in the way of freedom, creativity, expansiveness, a sense of accomplishment?
Once you have dreamt about how a lifestyle business would fill you up, start envisioning it as if you were already living it.
What might it feel like?
And then what if you keep elaborating on what you want in your daydreams while at the same time coaxing yourself to take baby steps forward each and every day. You could actually give yourself small assignments a week ahead and put them on your schedule.
It could be simple things like:
  • Looking into classes or a certification if you need more skills
  • Connecting with others through social media to get more info on the business that you would like to explore
  • Interviewing coaches to help you realize your vision
Or bigger things like:
  • Figuring out how you can finance your business
  • Doing a budget to see what income you need

For the larger, more time consuming tasks, break them down into daily bite sized pieces.

And then watch how your dreams start to come true! Start living the life you really want and totally go for it!

Let’s get fired up!