As I get older I am much more mindful of weeding out a lot of things that are simply cluttering up my life. This goes for extra items around my home as well as clutter that fills my mind with self defeating beliefs.

It also goes for limiting my obligations and weeding out people and situations that sap me of my God given birthright-my life energy and my joy.

This catharsis opens up room for fresh new things, situations and people that will serve me better, literally and metaphorically.

It is simply the way that energy works on a really basic level. Energy needs to be able to flow and be expansive in order to help us grow.

In order to manifest whatever it is that we want to attract in our life we have to open up space to receive it. The universe literally waits for us to open up space in our life to deliver what we want. Clutter prevents this. It keeps us stuck in “same old”.

When you de clutter, you will begin to remove blockages that stop the flow of energy to you and all things that are important to you. That includes your joy, your success, your relationships and your finances.

Whenever you can choose between being stuck and constrictive or expansive and “in the flow” –err on the side of being more expansive.

Once you get on a roll with de cluttering you will feel a huge weight lifted off of you. You will also start attracting more abundance into your life.

Here are some ways that you can let go of clutter:

  • de clutter all of the piles of clutter on your house
  • weed out drawers and closets
  • wean off of people who only sap you of your energy and joy
  • stop saying yes to social obligations that you don’t enjoy
  • stop volunteering for things that don’t fulfill you in some way
  • let go of clients that suck the life out of you
  • let go of emotions that don’t serve you for your highest good (anger, resentment, victimization, etc.)
  • delegate things that you have been putting off  in your business
  • clean off your desk and weed out and file all paperwork

And yes, de cluttering actually helps your business as well Think about this: if you have been procrastinating dealing with an aspect of your business that you know that you must deal with, it is cluttering up your energy.

Try delegating that part of your business to someone who is more capable. This will allow energy to be used for money making activities that you actually like to do. You will be more productive and more in the flow-a “win win” for success.

So start asking yourself “what needs de cluttering in my life?” And then set aside time to work on it. Make a commitment to rid yourself of things that no longer serve you.

It may seem a little overwhelming at first but don’t let that stop you.

Start by taking baby steps. I challenge you to work on this every day for a month. Every day ask yourself “what can I de clutter today?”

Whether it is a pile of papers or a feeling of being a victim or whatever keeps your energy stuck, make a commitment to rid yourself of it and watch how exhilarating it feels when fresh new energy comes into your life through various forms. You will start to magically attract better things.

I would love to hear your thoughts below…….


marianne cherico