Do you have toxic thoughts that prevent you from living the life that you really want? Is it time to detox them?

Thoughts that keep us feeling bad, depressed, sluggish, not good enough, etc. only serve to clog up our mojo and prevent us from living life full out.

Toxic thoughts are like poison to our dreams and keep us playing small and prevent us from creating the life we want. They tell us things like “we are not good enough, smart enough ,skinny enough”, etc. to do what we really want to do.

They convince us that everyone else that has succeeded has some sort of an advantage that we don’t. Think about these examples:

“Sure Oprah can lose weight-she can afford a personal trainer and chef but I can’t”.

“I am too old to apply for that job. I am sure they want someone young”.

” I will never be able to save enough money to travel so why bother?”

” I can’t ask for that raise. My boss never gives raises.”

” It is too late for me to start a business. I just don’t know how to market.”

Notice how all of these thoughts keep us coming from a place of powerlessness? They deflate us.

I would like to show you examples of how you might reframe these poisonous thoughts so that you feel empowered.

“If Oprah can lose weight, so can I. She is such an inspiration.”

“I would bring maturity and incredible wisdom to that job. Why wouldn’t they want me?”

” Travelling has been my life long dream and I am going to figure out a way to make it happen. Maybe I can start putting $300 a month into a travel savings account instead of buying that new car yet.”

“I am going to ask my boss for that raise that I deserve. If he doesn’t give it to me, I have to decide on whether I want to stay or look for another job.”

“I will start taking baby steps to building my business. I know that anything I don’t know now, I can learn.”

So next time you are thinking thoughts that hold you back and make you feel small, reframe them to help you play a bigger game-from the inside out.

And watch out world!!!!

I am rooting for you!!!


marianne cherico

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