Get Fired Up About Your Life

If you feel as though it is time to step it up so that you feel more hopeful, joyful and passionate about your life, here are 5 ways that you can begin now.

1) Stay in Tune with Your Divine Inner Wisdom- Your divine inner wisdom knows you better than ANYONE! So before you ask everyone for advice, pay attention to your own divine inner wisdom. It should be the most important litmus test for all of your decisions, large and small.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what I am talking about-your divine inner wisdom is the spiritual part of you that is connected to universal truth. It is sort of your spiritual DNA and it is what makes you unique. It knows what you long for.

It is not to be confused with thoughts in your head. Your divine inner wisdom is connected to your heart and spirit and the essence of you.

When you ask your divine inner wisdom a question the answer may come to you in sudden thoughts or images or symbols. Stay open. It may come to you quickly, or not. But the answer will always come to you. Trust it!

2) Surround Yourself with Amazing People- If you really want to be amazing and excited about your possibilities then you have to be very picky about who you spend your time with. Be strategic about surrounding yourself with other people who aspire to the same things that you do or want the essence of what you want for your life.

In other words, look for the traits and qualities in people that you want more of in your life. For instance it might be could be fearlessness, excitement, joy, compassion, gratitude, leadership, etc. You get to choose.

You know who these people are. You get excited to be around them and you love hearing their ideas and sharing your own. You feel light and excited and expansive.

The contrast is when you are with people who suck the air out of the room, make you feel bad about yourself or have no life in them. They weigh you down. Do your best to limit your time with these spirit sucking vampires.

You can feel love and compassion for them (ideally from afar) but don’t get sucked into their sad web.

3) Keep Learning and Growing- There is nothing that will make you feel alive like learning about something that you are really interested in. We should always be learning and growing. This expands our consciousness and is exciting and keeps us feeling vital.

So lean into learning. What have you always been interested in but haven’t explored? Start exploring!

4) Let go of Limiting Beliefs- We all have limiting beliefs that tell us why we can’t do something. They are the voices in our heads that make up every excuse in the book why we can’t change, improve or grow. Here are some examples:

In order to make a lot of money I have to work round the clock,7 days a week

I can’t lose weight because I don’t have a trainer and cook like Oprah does

I am too old to go back to school and learn something new

And here is a great one that I hear a lot and always cracks me up:

I can’t do that yoga class because I am not flexible enough (um……., that is the whole point of yoga-to help you become more flexible).

There are a gazillion ways we can sabotage ourselves with these tricky, limiting beliefs. Pay attention to your limiting beliefs and don’t let them stop you. More often than not they are just a story and totally not the truth!

5) Make Sure that You Do More of What you LOVE and Less of What you Don’t Like-This concept is so important because as we get on the treadmill of life we schedule in a lot of “have to’s”. Some things we need to do and some we really don’t.

However we end up squeezing out any time for the things we LOVE to do and those are the things that we need more of in our life because they fill us up. They are the things that nourish our spirit.

I mean, I believe that we totally get to bring more light and joy into our life but it is up to us to make time for it!

So think about the things that you love to do and schedule them into your life. Literally put them on your calendar first! Make that art class or walk in the woods or yoga class or lunch with friends a priority.

As I always tell my clients, give yourself the oxygen first. This may be a difficult concept for you if you are so used to putting yourself last. Start by taking baby steps and you will begin to see a whole new world open up!

Your Partner in Success,


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Marianne Cherico helps Baby Boomer women create a life filled with joy, passion and purpose so that they can create a Smokin’ Hot Second Half. She is proud to be a member of this generation of women who changed the world for women, presenting future generations with limitless opportunities to thrive and grow into lives that are meaningful and authentic. It is Marianne’s sincerest pleasure to help these women find their purpose, work through limiting and self- sabotaging beliefs and step into their own brand of magnificence. You can get a taste of Marianne’s teaching by downloading her free report “How to Plan for a Smokin’ Hot Second Half” on her website here:

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