Marianne - The Gift of the Present

ThisĀ  Holiday Season I have decided that I want to be intentionally more “present”-to enjoy all of the little things that often get missed in the hustle and bustle-the personal connections, the looks on my loved ones faces, the simple but profound moments.

It is an eventful year as my oldest daughter turns 30 on the 23rd and my husband turns 60 on Christmas Day. Where did the time go?

I remember my Grandmother saying that as you get older, life seems to go by faster and faster and it feels so true. That is why I want to pay attention more and be more present-so that life is magnified, more poignant and each moment becomes more special.

After all, the present is all we really have and it is so easy to get caught up by all the “pressures” of the Holiday season to find the perfect gift, create the perfect feast and go to every event invited to. I am not interested in that.

What really catches my fancy is the connections I share with people I love. It is that simple. Or watching them laugh, love and simply “be”.

As I get older, more and more, I am doing what pleases me and mostly they are the simple things. Here are just some of the things that make my heart sing around the Holidays:

Spending time with my family on Christmas morning opening stockings together while listening to Christmas carols and the music of their laughter

Having family here Christmas Day- lots of love and laughter (and a Baileys Irish Cream toast to Nan in heaven)

Fondly talking about loved ones that have passed and feeling their spirit around us as we tell stories (usually funny ones) that bring them to life

The smell and distinct taste of the anisette while making pizelles (knowing that I will stash a tin away for my Dad who loves them)

Seeing my Christmas tree sparking and glistening in the evening

Feeling a warm cushy hug from my husband of 31 years who I have turned into THE BEST hugger-(and believe me-it wasn’t easy) .

Notice that these moments of being present honor the senses. The senses help you feel , see, hear and smell the texture of life. They keep you grounded in the moment.

Here are some other pointers to stay more present-

1) Be in The Moment

When you are in the moment you are truly present. This is where life lies because the present is really all we have. Practice “being” instead of always “doing”. Strategically slow down ,even if you are busy, to see what is right in front of you.

2) Let Go

Try letting go of old resentments that pull you down. The past is the past and it is not reality but your perception of reality. You can make the choice on what you focus on and what you focus on will expand. Let go of anything that doesn’t feel good.

Let go of the pressure of “Holiday perfection ” as well. Don’t worry if your house isn’t perfect or everything doesn’t go according to plan.

Ask yourself: What is in my best interest to focus on right now? If the answer makes you feel good, you are onto something!

3) Feel the Love

We are all loved in so many ways that we don’t even notice. Try being more present to kindnesses from strangers and the little things that our loved ones do for us each day that we take for granted. You will start seeing more and more love in your life.

Remember that we may never pass this way again. Brings me back to the Seals and Crofts song:

Life, so they say, is but a game and we let it slip away.

Love, like the Autumn sun, should be dyin’ but it’s only just begun.

Like the twilight in the road up ahead, they don’t see just where we’re goin’.

And all the secrets in the Universe, whisper in our ears

And all the years will come and go, take us up, always up.

We may never pass this way again. We may never pass this way again.

We may never pass this way again.

(Lyrics by James Seals; music by James Seals & Dash Crofts, 1973)

Start savoringĀ  each precious moment and from my heart to yours-Namaste!