The Good Vibration Game and Why YOU Should be Playing it

Have you ever really stepped back and paid attention to what you are telling yourself on a day to day basis-or better yet-on a minute to minute basis?

The reason that this is so important is that what you focus on expands. According to Law of Attraction (and Quantum Physics) when you focus on a thought over and over, it becomes a belief. And since you are made of energy and like attracts like, your energy will be either vibrating at a high level or a lower level-based on your thoughts.

Your goal is to vibrate at a high level and attract things you desire-for your greatest good. Be careful not to get caught up in the mind chatter that keeps you at a low vibration-attracting more of its kind. That is called the “What if Down Game?”

It might go something like this:

You thought that an interview for a job that you really want went well and they just about promised you the job but you haven’t heard from them in two days. So these thoughts start creeping into your head:

“Why aren’t they calling me? Maybe they are concerned that I asked for too much money Or it could be my age. I am sure that there are 5 million other people who need work and will work for nothing. Why can’t I ever get ahead? I will never be able to make enough money to support my family. This economy sucks! How will I ever be able to live a comfortable life or retire? I should have known this would happen-it always happens to me!” and on and on and on until you are convinced that you are the biggest loser on the planet.

There is a better way and it is called conscious creation.  You see, your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and your thoughts when charged with emotion.

Charged with emotion is the key here (and the reason why simple affirmations are not enough). You must endow your thoughts by feeling into what you want-feel them viscerally.

So here is a game that I would love you to play, created by Joe Vitale, one of the big proponents of LOA.

It is called the “What if Up Game?”

Every time that you catch yourself in a thought process that isn’t serving your highest and best self-turn it around.

For the job interview it might look something like this:

“Wow- I feel really great about that job interview. They really seemed to like me and I would be perfect for that job. It is so clear to me that my experience would benefit them big time and I am the most loyal employee they will ever find. I am sure that they will call me when they are ready. In the meantime I will keep moving forward and stay open to other possibilities that may come up. I totally know that I am worth it and deserve to be compensated well for the huge value I will bring to the table. The right thing will happen-no doubt and I am letting go of any attachment to the outcome “.

See the difference?

Now start taking it a step further and start looking for evidence of what you are creating and write it down every day. It could be something big or small-all evidence counts. Be very careful to focus on the evidence that you are creating what you want-not what you don’t want.

It may look like this:

“Wow- I just got a call from a friend who wants to introduce me to her boss-she thinks that I might be a good fit for a job at her company. And I have researched jobs like the one I applied for and feel really good about the salary I asked for at my interview the other day. I updated my Linked In profile and I am psyched-I got 20 views to my profile and three of them were in high level management in the field that I am in- I think that I will reach out to them” and so on and so on.

Try playing the “What if up Game” throughout the day with all of your thoughts and you will feel better and start to attract what you really want. You can do this in all phases of your life.

Start co creating your life-one thought at a time and make your own magic!  Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz-you have the power-you always did!