Hoda KotbI am so proud to be part of a generation of women who literally changed the world and the way that women operate in it. I remember the days when women didn’t have as many opportunities to choose from. As a teen ager in the 70’s I was part of the generation of women who transitioned from the traditional role model of stay at home Mom to Superwoman, doing it all-while working twice as hard as men to prove their value in the workplace.

Our daughters have no idea how many opportunities we opened up for them. And it seems as though this generation of women just keeps getting better. As we show the world what 50+ looks like, it is exciting to see that we are as energetic and vibrant as we were in our youth.

But the best part is that we bring the wisdom of our life’s trials and tribulations as we pioneer the face of what the 50+ female looks like to the world in 2014. And this wisdom helps us to come from a place where we use our passion to fuel a life that is more meaningful.

Women in their 50’s and older are reinventing themselves by choosing to create the next phase of their life in a way that is authentic and purposeful. They aren’t as concerned with “fitting in.” Age has a way of helping us let go of caring what everyone thinks about our decisions. They realize that time is running out to create the life they want and their desire for pleasing others has become trumped by their desire to live a life that matters.

It is interesting that there is going to be a big celebration this week on the Today Show of Hoda Kotb turning 50. It will be called “This is 50” and will explore the new 50. Hoda will be interviewing men and women who have reinvented themselves. A breast cancer survivor and self proclaimed optimist, Hoda is asking fans to send her videos on how they have made a major change or reinvented themselves in their 50’s.

See all of the news for Hoda’s week-long celebration here.

And this is all so exciting for me because as I begin to get ready to launch my Fabulous Fearless and Fully Alive Program helping 50+women create the next phase of their life in a way that is filled with joy, passion and purpose, it is inspiring to see that others feel the same way that I do-that we are a special generation of women who just keep getting better!

Power to the Women, RIGHT ON!!!!!!