Marianne - High Cost

Have you ever thought about the price you pay for being complacent and staying stuck is in your life?

I mean let’s face it, sometimes we need to “kick our butt in the butt” and get out of our own way. But often we stay stuck in “same old same old” because it feels safe and secure and doesn’t “rock anyone’s boat”….especially yours! But this is a false sense of security that will lead you to a life not fully lived-a life lived by default.

Human beings are meant to change and grow and adapt. This is what fuels us and keeps our spirit from flat lining. If we want to live full out and on fire we have to understand and accept that there will be bigger swings in our emotions….good and bad and to stifle them is to deny that life force that feeds us the passion that we need to grow.

And in fact, when we stifle what we really want, we are affected- either with apathy, depression, blaming, martydom or frankly, a boring life. A “one toe in the water kind of life”.

Here is an example. You want to begin a new adventure in your life after devoting yourself to raising your family. But you are feeling guilty. What if they need you while you are taking care of your needs? After all, you have always been there to make them dinner and care for them in countless ways. And although they have lives of their own, you feel as though you are letting them down when you venture into going after your dreams.

But then there is a part of you that feels under-appreciated, undervalued and small. And you have begun to act passive aggressively because you are starting to feel resentful and the same people that you are helping start to get aggravated with you and you can’t understand why because you have given up everything for them! Does this sound familiar?

The thing is, unless you do some soul searching, you won’t realize where these feelings are coming from. Feeling resentful or feeling like a martyr are 2 big red flags that something has to change and it starts with you.

It is not only ok but healthy to fully experience the highs and lows of life. This is living fully, with purpose and experiencing all of life’s rich textures. This is where the real magic happens!

So start living like you mean it and allow it all in….

Change can be uncomfortable, even when what you are moving into is something that is healthy and right for you. However if you feel as though something is missing in your life and you want to explore that something don’t hold back. If you stay where you are in spite of wanting something more, you compromise living full out and aligned with what your true spirit wants.

So go for it!!!