I remember years ago reading Cheryl Richardson’s book Take Time for Your Life and it had a profound effect on the way I began to look at everything. It really made me stop and think about what my priorities are and how they stacked up to my deepest core values.

One of the things that she said was “If your schedule doesn’t reflect your priorities, stop reacting to life and take control of what gets your time and attention”.

Marianne - Lifes Currency

Wow! Think about that for a minute. How do you spend your time? Does it reflect your deepest values? Be honest! You can’t say that health and spiritual bliss are your deepest values if you don’t give either of them any love, can you? Or if creativity is one of your core values, how are you honoring that? Or what if being a great Mom is a core value? Does your day to day life reflect that or are you M.I.A?

Now I am NOT here to judge your values and neither should you. This is about being honest about what, at your very core, is important to you. After all, this is YOUR life.

All too often we get on the hamster wheel of life and become caught up in “have tos” that were designed by someone else. We have to make and save enough money so that we can retire someday. We have to work late so that we can keep our jobs. We have to make dinner every night for our family. We have to work at a job that sucks the life out of us so that we can have the big house and drive an expensive car. We have to go to Networking events that bore the living (you know what) out of us. We have to play nice to people who are rude. We have to work with any warm body that comes along. We have to make sure that our house passes the white glove test. And yadayadaya…….

And while this spirit sucking list of “to dos” take all of our time, what is left for what we really want..? You know, the stuff that makes our heart sing.

As time slips by we realize that time is our most precious gift -it is our life’s currency and we barter it for someone else’s values, dreams and desires.

Maybe we don’t spend enough time with loved ones or our health is suffering because we don’t exercise enough. Or maybe our spirit is just plain bored, tired and lethargic because we haven’t fed it with things that bring us joy, passion and purpose.

So think about it. How does your schedule reflect your priorities?

What do you really value in your life and how can you honor that more?

How about starting today to make a commitment to yourself to live your life mindfully and with intention-your most authentic soulful, kick ass life-designed by you!!!.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!