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I wanted to take some time to give a couple of tips to those getting make-up done for photography.

I feel as though this is an important conversation to have with women because they need to know that makeup is  done a certain way for professional photography, for a reason. Whether you are getting an updated head shot for  your career, or just getting your pictures taken, there are some important things to remember in order to keep you  looking your best when the camera flashes.

1.) Less is NOT more.

Sometimes I finish a job for photography and when I hand the mirror to the client, they say they feel their makeup is too heavy. I do this for a reason. Especially in flash photography, color and some detail are muted out. Professional makeup artists are trained to know when to apply just enough makeup that it emphasizes features in photography. I like to see color in three main areas: the eyes, the cheeks and the lips. I always add more than the client would most likely wear to work everyday or out running errands. The reason for this is that the colors always come out less harsh on the camera, so I compensate by adding more so the client looks healthy and vibrant in pictures.

2.) Even skin tone is a must.

No matter what you do, even skin tone is so important. Nothing looks worse on film then blotchy skin. I always apply a primer to set the base, then a foundation and concealer where needed. Some women tend to have dark circles under their eyes or have areas that need certain attention. That’s where a concealer comes in handy. I use the foundation, or even a good tinted moisturizer to even the whole face so it looks pulled together when the pictures come out.

3.) Avoid any moisturizers or foundations containing SPF when taking pictures

I highly recommend SPF for everyday wear, however when applying makeup for pictures, I would try and avoid it because it can wash you out on the camera. Other things that can do that are setting powders that are too white or shiny. I’d stick with something matte and similar to your skin tone when using a finishing powder before you go in front of the camera!

Marianne - Makeup Photography

4.) Faking it is okay

False lashes look great on film.

Some women are blessed with beautiful, voluminous lashes, but for those who aren’t, falsies are a great alternative. I   like the way that false lashes look on film because they show up more than people’s real lashes normally do. A thick     and bold lash line is very attractive and can make eyes look very pretty in pictures. My best suggestion for professional pictures or more conservative looks is to have your makeup artist apply individual false lashes to the lash line.

They beef up your look just enough, without being too bold. Strip lashes are wonderful for more glamorous shots.

I hope you all took something out of this. Remember these tricks when applying makeup for picture taking, or just to understand why your makeup artist does what they do when preparing you for the wonderful world of photography. Stay beautiful, happy and healthy.




Shana Christoforo



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