If you are planning your business goals out for this year , try something different. Instead of looking at your business from a left brain, linear approach, think about how you can tap into that underused creative right side of your brain to create the life and business that you would like.

Business doesn’t have to be difficult, boring and deplete your life energy. It can be incredibly joyful, interesting and fill your life with an abundance of energy if you decide to make it that way. And frankly-it is your choice.

This goes for you if you are a Real Estate agent, Interior Designer, Accountant or any small business owner (or large for that matter).Once you make a decision to look at your business from a more creative point of view-you will understand the mindset of the most interesting and accomplished entrepreneurs.

People like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Mary Kay Ash, Arianna Huffington, Gary Keller, J.K. Rowlings, Angie Hicks (Angie’s List) all have one thing in common. They think outside of the box and who they are is congruent with how they “show up” in business. They are willing to trust their instincts and take the road less travelled, to differentiate themselves.

When we create our businesses in a way that is congruent with who we are and what motivates us, we will tap into an abundance of energy and ideas for our business that can’t be found from a linear approach.

Here are some ways to tap into that creative, magical entrepreneurial spirit:

Decide on a Theme

When you do your business plan this year decide on a theme for the year. The year that I doubled the income from my home staging business, my theme was “Rock Star Stager”. Just saying it made me happy!

More importantly….I had to grow into that person that was a rock star stager and I had to believe that I was one. Not just good…..a ROCK Star. This gave me more courage in my marketing, business model and deciding on which clients I did or didn’t work with.

It made me play a bigger game and believe that there was so much more possible for me. I would ask myself, “what would a rock star do?” if I would hit an obstacle in my business. It was a fun mindset game that I played.

Now did I go telling everyone I met that I was a rock star….um….NO! As long as I felt it in my heart that was enough!

The Magic Eye

Remember the magic eye pictures that were popular in the 90’s? I loved them! If you are not familiar they are called stereograms and they are a picture with a 3d picture inside of it. This 3d picture is not visible at first. You actually have to sort of trick yourself into seeing it by viewing it a certain way. So you actually have to believe that it is there first and then find it.

That is the way that I would like to see you look at creating your business. Let’s say that you are creating a marketing plan for your business and you want to do something that is more creative than what you usually do so that you will become more memorable. Doing this can be a big risk, right? You are venturing into unchartered territory.

Fear of sinking a lot of time and money into something that is not tested yet may make those less courageous fall back on the old tried and true ways. However, if you want to up level, you have to let go of the ledge and try something different. Be creative. Stretch!

And this is where the magic in magic eye comes in. You have to believe first- before the picture unfolds, before you know how……you have to believe before you see.

This idea of believing first comes in handy whenever you are stretching beyond your comfort zone. If you have a goal in your life or business, make a decision to believe that it will happen and then listen to your intuition and the signs that show you how. Don’t get too caught up in how at the beginning. It may stop you. Believe that the how will unveil itself to you-like the picture in the magic eye.

Defy the Rules

It is really important to know what it is about you that your customers love and do and be more of that in your marketing as well as the way that you show up. People like to work with real people-ones they know, like and trust.

There are so many societal rules about the way that people in certain professions “should” dress, act, market themselves, run their business, etc. I believe that you should challenge those rules.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t follow a code of ethics or ever do anything that is deceitful. I believe that integrity is most important.

The rules I am talking about are different. They are the rules that would have an accountant always dressing in a stuffy suit or a financial consultant not being fun or a marketing person only using proven tactics to market.

Here is an example. I have a dear friend who is a financial planner who dresses beautifully but not necessarily in “financial planner” gray and navy blue suits. When she had her pictures taken she ironed out her gorgeous curly hair and donned a navy suit because she thought that she should and the results were poor. The picture didn’t convey what her clients adore about her-that she is lively and spirited and fun (and a great financial planner). Think about this-she attracts clients who she loves and has fun with and they love that she is not your stereotypical planner. They get so much more from her when all of her shows up! She ended up retaking the pictures with her glorious curly hair and less conservative clothing.

So defy those damn rules that don’t serve you and give people the real you!!! Trust yourself more. Let your authentic, creative, juicy self have more say in your business and your life!

Now that is what I am talkin’ about!


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