Passion, Purpose and Joy, oh my

I would like to talk with you about something that many Baby Boomer Women struggle with but don’t often talk about.

Somewhere along the way they lost their passion. It didn’t happen overnight. It gradually dwindled when “more important” things usurped it-like paying bills, raising families and never ending responsibilities and chores. After all, there is only so much time in a day, right?

How can passion survive in this atmosphere anyways?

Passion was, little by little, squashed out by “reality” and I use that word loosely because I do believe that we have a larger hand in “reality” than we often realize.

So what do we do when we want to get that passion back?

How do we create that engagement with life that gets us excited to get up every day and engage?

Start by Asking Yourself these  questions:

1) What peaks my interest?

Often there are things that we are instinctually drawn to that we are curious about, but never allow ourselves to fully explore. The things that peak our interest are signs from our inner guidance to “go down that road and explore”. Sometimes you simply have to be willing to “try something on” and see if it excites you.

Ask yourself:

What am I you curious about?

What peaks my interest that I  might explore more fully?

How can I take that first step?

2) What would I do if money or time were not an issue?

Often we don’t even allow ourselves to explore something that interests us because we think it is wasteful to spend money and time on something that seems “frivolous”.

However I believe that it is super important to feed your spirit and exploring your passion is the key ingredient to a life fully lived.

You wouldn’t not feed your body, right? So why would you starve your spirit?

Take a few minutes and think about what you might explore if money and time were not an issue.

3) What did I love to do when I was younger?

When you were younger you were drawn to things that lined up with your spiritual DNA. There was no judgment or limiting beliefs that prevented you from exploring your interests and what you chose to engage in was not attached to making money or being responsible. You simply did what you  liked because it filled you  with joy.

What did you like doing when you were younger?

How might you do the essence of that today?

4) What am I doing when I am lost in “the zone”?

You know that you are in the zone when you are fully engaged in something and time just stands still and flies by at the same time. This is a great sign that you are doing something that you are passionate about.

I always felt that way when I was painting or acting. Now I  feel that way when I am coaching or working on my coaching  business.  I am fully present and love what I am doing.

When do you feel fully present and  “in the zone”?

What ways can you add more of that into your life?

5) Whose life do I find interesting?

Often we are drawn to people who are doing what we would like to do (or being who we would like to be). Think about the people that you admire.

What is it about them that you would like to have or be more of?

How can you begin to do that?

For instance, if you find yourself being drawn to creative people, how could you add more creativity in your life?

There are so many venues for this and it doesn’t have to be limited to art. You could be more creative in your cooking or in the way you structure your business or the way you dress.

Or maybe you find yourself being drawn to spiritual people. How can you add more of that into your life? People who we find interesting tell us that there is something in us that we want more of. Explore that possibility and see where it may lead.

Passion is something that is innate in all of us and is as unique as a fingerprint. It resonates with what you value. If you are not sure how to “find” it, begin by asking yourself the questions above.

Allow yourself to write the answers, muse about them and indulge in what is possible.

Isn’t it time to start living your life your way, from the inside out?

marianne cherico


Marianne Cherico helps Baby Boomer women create a life filled with joy, passion and purpose so that they can create a Smokin’ Hot Second Half. She is proud to be a member of this generation of women who changed the world for women, presenting future generations with limitless opportunities to thrive and grow into lives that are meaningful and authentic. It is Marianne’s sincerest pleasure to help these women find their purpose, work through limiting and self- sabotaging beliefs and step into their own brand of magnificence. You can get a taste of Marianne’s teaching by downloading her free report “How to Plan for a Smokin’ Hot Second Half” on her website here: