“Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.”  ~Kevyn Aucoin

I believe that focusing on joy in your business is one of the most important things that we can do in order to feel fulfilled. After all, joy is our birthright.

It is important to understand that joy is not something that is a by product of circumstances. We may feel joyful when something great happens like when we get a fabulous new client or exceed our goals. But real inner joy is with us always and is not contingent on outside circumstances.

Joy is a choice that we make. It is up to us to focus on joy-no matter what. It is found in the way we look for the golden nuggets in everything that happens to us- things that are in our control and not in our control.

Unfortunately, joy is often the missing ingredient in most business plans. We are so hell bent on making sure that we are always in action in order to achieve our goals, that we forget about the incredible energy that we get when we focus on a joyful way of “being”. This is an inner game job!

The irony is that we can “do” until we are blue in the face but if we don’t really dissect the way that we are “being” from the inside out-we will sabotage our efforts!

Think about it, would you rather work with someone who is joyful or someone who is overworked, jaded, burnt out or passive aggressive.

Often we don’t realize what we are projecting to our customers no matter how hard we might try to camouflage our inner “stuff”.

So what are the benefits of focusing on more joy in our business?

  • We will show up from a better place for our clients
  • We will actually magnetize our ideal clients and situations
  • We will get more raving testimonials
  • We will feel great about our business no matter what because we will focus on the big picture instead of minor setbacks
  • We will be more in tune with what gives us energy vs. what sucks the life out of us (we will actually generate more energy)
  • We will stretch more  because we understand that failure is a mindset issue and nothing can shake our joy if we don’t let it
  • We will make better decisions about our well being because we will place more value on it

From a Law of Attraction  and Quantum Physics point of view, we are all made of energy down to the very smallest particle of our being. Our thoughts are energy. Since like energy attracts like energy, we want to focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want.  What we focus on expands.

Higher thoughts such as joy, love and abundance attract higher vibrating energy to us. If we focus on joy, we will get more joy. We will magnetize our ideal clients, generate fabulous testimonials and attract better opportunities.

The opposite is true for lower vibrating thoughts (anger, fear, scarcity, etc.). Have you ever spiraled into a funk because you got a bad review or dealt with a nasty customer? Have you felt like a loser because you tried something new in order to grow and expand and you stopped trying?

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

What if you looked at those circumstances from a place of joy?

What thoughts might empower you to do the next best thing for your business if no one or nothing could rob you of your joy?

Here are 5 Ways to Bring Back Joy in Your Business

1 )Make Joy Intentional-you have to remind yourself that you choose joy-moment to moment. It is up to you to set that intention.

2) Don’t Let Them Rent Space in Your Head- don’t let mean spirited customers, vendors or competitors rent space in your head. You get to choose more joyful, powerful thoughts.

3) Shake Things Up-Do something new that excites and scares you at the same time. Do it with joy.

4) Practice Extreme Self Care-I know that you have heard this over and over but it is so important to take care of your body, mind and spirit. When you do this- you come from a more centered magical way of being and your customers will sense it.

5) Do More of What you Love to do- Take a good hard look at your business and figure out how you can get back to doing what you really love. If you are running a design company but are so overwhelmed with busy work that you have to delegate the design work that you love, try and reframe. For example-maybe you can delegate the busy work, book keeping, marketing ,errands, etc. so that you can focus on what brings you joy!

Bringing joy into your life and business is not difficult. It simply takes conscious effort on your part to open your arms and heart to it! Let joy in!

Now that’s what I am talkin’ about!

Cheers to you and your one fabulous life!