As we explore new ways to challenge our boundaries around what we think is possible, we are often stopped by sneaky saboteurs that creep into our consciousness in ways that we don’t expect.

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And these little buggers can be awfully conniving and tricky to recognize. One of the ways that they keep us playing small is the setpoint saboteur.This tricky little devil loves to sabotage us when we begin to reach new heights by not allowing us to claim abundance past a certain set point.

And what makes it worse is that often these saboteurs are subconscious and were created at a young impressionable age for reasons that don’t always make logical sense.

Here is an example of a money setpoint saboteur: As hard as you try you can’t seem to make more than $100,000 in yearly income. You have hired all the “right” people-coaches, strategists, assistants, etc. And you have worked your Bootay off to no avail-and lots of frustration. Somehow, something always happens that prevents you from reaching your goal. Maybe you get sick or sued or lose money in a bad deal. You can’t understand why, if you are trying so hard, things just don’t seem to fall into place.

Then one day while working with your coach she starts to dig a little deeper into how you subconsciously feel about money. And alas, you realize that your conditioning since you were young was to believe that people who are rich are self centered jerks that don’t care about anyone but themselves. Maybe your parents used to talk about how they worked so hard only to make their rich bosses wealthy and they were under appreciated and taken for granted. And in your young mind this became a belief that has stayed with you. So subconsciously it has prevented you from making more money-for fear of becoming “one of them”.

There are other ways that we create setpoint saboteurs in our lives that limit us from love, abundance and success.  Some of us do this in relationships. For instance, once a relationship is going really well, we sabotage it by picking a stupid fight. Subconsciously we may feel that we don’t deserve to be loved.We can only allow so much happiness and then the bell goes off.

Or perhaps when we were younger we remember looks of disdain from a parent who didn’t want us to outshine a sibling so we always played small for fear of hurting our family. So we never reached our full potential because the subconscious saboteur story pulled us back to “keep us safe” from losing love and approval. Playing to our genius, in this instance, would not be safe.

When we can recognize what really holds us back we can play to our strengths in our lives and break that glass ceiling that holds us back from fully stepping into our own unique divine calling.

As long as you continue to grow you must recognize fear for what it is. False Evidence Appearing Real.

As you begin to have faith and trust in yourself you will create the necessary muscles to handle fear so that it doesn’t stop you from raising the bar in your life. The first step is to recognize these saboteurs as they come up. Once we recognize them we can consciously look them in the face and decide to defy them by taking action in the direction of our dreams in spite of them.

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Consistent action in the face of our fears will help us kill the saboteur beast.