Holding the World with The Law of AttractionI would like to talk about something that I have often been confused about when it comes to Law of Attraction and attracting what I really want on a conscious level.

This little insight is truly a game changer and one that I have to constantly remind myself of. In order to manifest transformation it is so important to pay attention to your thoughts because your thoughts create your beliefs which become your reality.

And you can be totally doing this-focusing on what you really want and still not get it because you are actually in some kind of resistance!

The definition of resistance is- opposition to an attempt to bring repressed thoughts or feelings into consciousness.

According to Law of Attraction principals “what you focus on expands” so if you want to create something in your life-you open your heart and visualize the thing that you want and focus on it as if it were happening now- your version of your reality.

However when you do this and still don’t manifest what you want it is because subconsciously you have a competing intention and this competing intention trumps your goal.

It is sort of like slamming the gas and brake pedal at the same time.

The really tricky part is excavating where you are in resistance and then releasing that resistance because often you don’t know that you are subconsciously resisting.

Here are some of the ways to recognize whether you are in resistance and the more empowered way to manifest:

You simply feel lousy-maybe you feel angry, overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out sad, jealous, etc. These feelings have you vibrating at a low level and the universe responds by giving you back a low level experience that matches your dominant focus (or vibration). You are basically telling the universe to send you back the essence of those feelings.

Solution: Concentrate on feel good activities and thoughts that have you vibrating in abundance flowing to you rather than scarcity and lack. Law of Attraction favors those good feelings that come from well being and allowing.

Banging your head up against the wall is not the solution.

So for instance, if you feel overworked, take some time of for self care-maybe a walk in the woods, massage or yoga.

It may sound counter intuitive when you are working on a deadline but often it is just what you need. Sometimes we have to stop pushing so hard and allow the universe to pull us.

You are focusing on what you don’t want –Ironically, when you focus on what you don’t want you actually are creating more of that in your life.

So for instance, you might say that you would like to make more money, but if you constantly focus on the lack of it by being cheap, worrying about bills, not investing in yourself- you will attract more lack.

Solution –Change your focus to the abundance of money in your life now! Every time you get a check, find money, pay a bill, get a new client-focus on the abundance of it. And expect more.

Let go of your fears around money and trust that the universe will provide you with exactly what you need-for your highest and best good.

Be grateful, celebrate abundance!

You have a Subliminal Glass Ceiling on What You Think is Possible- We all have set points on what we consciously or unconsciously think is possible for us and we have to learn to raise our own bar on what is possible.

Solution-Start paying attention to the stories that you tell yourselves because they limit you and keep you playing small. And the trickiest ones are those that we don’t realize we are telling ourselves.

For instance, if you are trying to start a business and playing in the background of your subconscious are stories about how hard it is or how many others have failed or perhaps you know someone who you love who lost everything when she started a business-then you are sabotaging yourself because you are looking for evidence of failure.

In order to co create with the universe-you want to focus on evidence of people who have succeeded or ways that you have overcome obstacles or ask yourself questions like:

How can I make this fun and easy?

Who do I have to become to make this work?

What if everything I would like to happen unfolds perfectly?

The thing about resistance is that it stops us from creating what we really want. It can be tricky and sometimes we need help to see where we are resisting but it is worth it.

Open up your arms and let abundance in!

Now that’s what I am talkin’ about!

Cheers to You and Your Abundant Self,

marianne cherico

Marianne - HeadshotMarianne Cherico helps Baby Boomer women create a life filled with joy, passion and purpose so that they can create a Smokin’ Hot Second Half. She is proud to be a member of this generation of women who changed the world for women, presenting future generations with limitless opportunities to thrive and grow into lives that are meaningful and authentic. It is Marianne’s sincerest pleasure to help these women find their purpose, work through limiting and self- sabotaging beliefs and step into their own brand of magnificence. You can get a taste of Marianne’s teaching by downloading her free report “How to Plan for a Smokin’ Hot Second Half” on her website here: http://www.coachingbymarianne.com.