“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
– Anais Nin


So much of what we accomplish in our lives comes from taking a leap of faith and believing that we can create what we want by making day to day and sometimes minute to minute choices that bring us closer to our goals.

Although we understand all of this intellectually, often we are sidetracked from achieving the very things we want the most. We can fantasize all day and night about what we would like to create in our lives: a healthier body, more money, a better relationship with a loved one, but if we don’t take the necessary steps to achieve these goals we will stay stuck…….We will settle.

For those of you who want to live “full out” and experience your life in a more fulfilled way, I would like to propose a mindset shift that will help you. What if instead of simply taking steps towards your goals you asked yourself these simple questions:

What if I put it all out there?

What steps would I be taking?

What would I be doing differently?

In order to stop doing what you are doing (that is not getting the results you want) you have to start thinking more expansively. You have to “shake things up”. You get to create your reality.

Asking yourself these questions will shift your perspective from “good enough” to “great”. When we settle for “good enough” we fall short of what we are capable of. We don’t push our boundaries. We cheat ourselves of what is possible and we justify it by saying that we did our best while we know we could have done better. This is fear based thinking.

Being our best takes courage! When the steps you are taking are endowed with a strong mindset you will energetically propel yourself into a different stratosphere of success because you are changing who you are “being”. This is so powerful!

When we “put it all out there” the gremlins may come out in full force. These are the self defeating and limiting beliefs that keep us playing small and tell us why we can’t do what we want to do. We think that they are reality but they are not. Don’t buy into them. They will show up as evidence of failure in the past, excuses and reasons why you will not succeed. They are an illusion and frankly they are a sign that you are stretching beyond the status quo so that is a good thing. It is your job to rewrite the story the way that you want it to unfold.


Too often we blame outside sources for sabotaging our success when it is really, truly, totally up to us to create our own opportunities. We have much more power over creating our own reality than we think.

When you understand the power that you have over your reality you will see yourself as the person who has everything it takes to make her dreams come true. You will no longer play the victim, which you may have previously done either consciously or unconsciously.

As you begin to expand and take chances and grow, please understand that failure is not real. It is how we interpret a situation that makes it a failure or not. We get to choose. When we feel like a “failure” it is our job  to tap back into our power by focusing on what thoughts will serve us best!

Sometimes, even though we give our best at the time we simply need more experience or we need to learn more and that is ok.

This very thing just happened to me.

I did my first speaking engagement at a large venue and although I did spend a lot of time preparing, in retrospect, I should have spent alot more because my presentation was good but not good enough. My excitement at having done this quickly became thwarted by a couple of not so nice reviews and I started to feel really bad about it.

And yes, I did have a small pity party for myself  when I read the 2 reviews but a wise mentor reminded me to focus on the good reviews that I got (something that I would tell my own clients). I had forgotten about the woman that I had never met before who actually sent me a hand written note to thank me for my presentation and another who entrusted me enough after the presentation to hire me as her coach. I also had forgotten about all the women who came up to me after and thanked me for helping them see things differently and feel better about themselves and their business.

And although I had to dig deep inside of myself for the truth I do believe that the message that I gave was really good but the way I presented it was not good enough. I also had to remind myself that it was my first gig and that it takes alot of guts to do what I did and that I will only get better.

Most importantly, if I made even one woman feel really great about herself and excited about growing her business, then that was what was really important.

I wanted to mention this example to you so that you see that “failure” is not really “failure” unless I chose it to be. It is all mindset. Had I looked at this as a failure (and I did have to catch myself……trust me) it would have paralyzed me. Instead I focused on the women that enjoyed my presentation and vowed to myself that I will learn from it and do better next time…..no …..I will .do ahhhhhmazing next time and I will “put it all out there”!!!!

People may still complain or my presentation may not be for them, but my “tribe” will be wowed and that is who I will do it for! Wooooohooooooo…..feels much better!

Can you see how mindset is everything?

So now I ask you again, what about your life or business is calling you to “put it all out there”?

I would love to hear your stories below

Cheers to Your Success,


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