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Sizing Up Your Success Habits

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I was thinking about some of the qualities that make people successful and I thought that I would share them with you to get you motivated for 2017.  After all, it is right around the corner….yikes!!

See how many of these habits you practice.

Before you do keep in mind that some of these habits involve how you are doing things (action) and some involve how you are being (mindset) and both are extremely important.

We tend to focus more on action but if our mindset sabotages us, it is like stepping on the gas and the brakes at the same time.


1) Successful people do things each day that help them build momentum

2) Successful people schedule in time to work on their business instead of in it

3) Successful people work on their most important “to dos” each day

4 ) Successful people make decisions instead of endlessly waffling

5) Successful people take charge and make things happen

6) Successful people surround themselves with positive, “forward thinking” people


1) Successful people feel the fear and do it anyways

2) Successful people don’t waste time being petty and critical of others

3) Successful people stay focused on the big vision of what they want

4) Successful people realize that it is a marathon, not a sprint

5) Successful people have an attitude of gratitude

6) Successful people take full responsibility for how they create their lives

As you look through these qualities, how are you stacking up? Where could you improve?

Pay particular attention to how you are being, how you show up. Action steps are pretty obvious but the things that really stop us from success are the ways that we sabotage ourselves from it. These saboteurs are often subconscious and we are so used to them that we may not notice. Or we justify them as we cling onto them for dear life!

For instance, if you are used to blaming others for the way your life has turned out, think again. Does this mindset really serve you? Wouldn’t it be better if you decided today that how you live from this day forward is your choice? Isn’t that reframe much more empowering? Doesn’t it cause you to want to take action?

It really doesn’t matter who was right or wrong. What matters is that you get to choose the thoughts and actions that serve you best.

So look at this list and really think about what qualities that you share with successful people and what ones you need to work on.

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And Let’s get Fired up!!!!!



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