Some of you may know that my background includes home staging and interior decorating. I have been running my business since 2005 and still stage and decorate numerous homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I love doing this. And, although the strategy for staging is different than decorating, I would love to share my philosophy on Soul Inspired Decorating in this article.

I believe that your home should be a full expression of who you are. It should not be determined by what your friends like, or what the magazines want you to model, or what you think may or may not be appropriate. It should be endowed with your spirit and the spirit of those living at your home. That is what makes a house a home.

I do want to make it very clear that this is a different philosophy when you are staging your home to sell which is all about marketing and packaging to a larger audience.

Here are some tips for creating a home aligned with your soul.

1) Create a Vibe in Tune with What Inspires You

When decorating your home, what vibe do you want? Think about how you want to experience your home.

Maybe you are a minimalist. Perhaps you feel as though you work really hard and your head symbolically needs a place to rest, so too much eye candy in the way of decorations would be too stimulating for you.

Or maybe you are an artist like myself who likes to be surrounded by your creations and works in process so what others might perceive as clutter is what inspires you and makes your heart sing.

My home has my murals, painted furniture and other pieces that I created. Although they are specific to my very personal taste, they make me happy.

Marianne - Soul

If you are a midlife woman you may get a kick out of bringing back some flower power into your decoration as I did here for a client that was selling a home architecturally inspired to appeal to Baby Boomers.

Marianne - Soul 2

Or some fun geometrics reminiscent of the 1970’s that bring back your youthful, fun bounce.

Marianne- Soul 3

2) Use Colors that Reflect What You Want to Feel

Color affects us in many ways, so it is important to use them in your home in a way that speaks to your soul. You may want more serene colors in the bedroom so that you rest better, or, maybe you would prefer a sexy warm color with animal print to spice things up.

You may prefer monochromatic colors,

Marianne - Soul 4

or an interesting blend of colors that stimulate your senses.

Marianne - Soul 5

Or you may have a favorite color that you are drawn to that isn’t in fashion but speaks to your soul. There are so many ways you can incorporate color that are not limited to walls. You can use a specific color in accent pieces, pictures and rugs.

3) Don’t Over Think What You are Drawn to

When you are shopping for rugs, artwork and decoration, let your inner guidance choose and don’t make it complicated by overthinking it. Too many of us “hem and haw” about whether a certain piece is just the right one, just the right color and on and on.

I know that there are certain things that I am drawn to, like beautiful Buddha women, fluffy rugs and anything animal print. I make sure that I use these items in my home. Why? Because it makes me happy.

When I am doing a design consult, more often than not women have great ideas that they pay me to validate. Of course I help them pull their ideas together, but most of the time, if they trusted their own instincts, they would have been fine.

So go for it!

Listen to your inner guidance and create your environment from that place. Make your home suit your personal style and surround you with good vibes that make your heart sing so that every time you come home, you feel great and aligned with your true inner spirit.