Stop Procrastinating and Start Making Magic

If you are a procrastinator you know that it can be one of the huge roadblocks to creating the life you really want. And although you know that you have to stop doing this… keep putting it off (heeeeeheee).

Unfortunately this just makes you feel bad because you know that if you could just get out of your own way, you could make magic!

There are different reasons why people procrastinate and I would like you to see if any of these reasons fit you and give you a way to work on this.

1) Fear of Failure: If this is your saboteur, the best way to handle this is to reframe your thoughts so that you fully detach from the outcome. Some of the most brilliant people have “failed their way to success”. Understand that failing is part of stretching, growing and up leveling. Try looking at it like this; if you know that you are totally committed to making your dreams come true and you are taking action towards them-nothing you try can be wrong. You can never fail!  Just learn from everything and keep going forward. Make failure your friend.

2) Fear of Success: Some people are afraid to shine their light for fear of others cutting them down. They have a belief that if they bring too much attention to themselves others will ridicule them. They believe “Who am I to be so special”? And I am here to say that it is perfectly ok to shine your beautiful light in the world. In fact, you are depriving the world of the best parts of you when you do this. So start by taking small steps. How can you begin to “show up” and share that amazing gift that you have to offer? What one small step can you take?

3) Feels too Overwhelming-– Sometimes your goals may simply seem too overwhelming and it just stops you from beginning at all. I mean why bother, right? Well anything is possible if you break it down into bite sized steps. Have you heard the saying about how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Start with the end in mind-which is what you would like to achieve. Then take the first step towards your goal, then the next, then the next. If you simply keep your focus on the next step, it will feel more manageable. Just begin!

4) Lack of Confidence- You may feel that you are not capable of creating a kick ass life because you are not confident enough. This is such a big saboteur because it keeps you playing small when you are meant to play a bigger game. One of the best ways to gain self confidence is to go out and do exactly what you are afraid to do. For instance, if you are afraid to call someone who you would like to do business with, do it. If that seems overwhelming, send them an email to set up a time to talk first. The point is that the more that you actually “do” in spite of your fear, the more comfortable you will become with it.

5) You Think that You are Too Lazy- You may think that you are too lazy to accomplish something and I believe that more times than not you are simply afraid so you use the excuse that you are simply too lazy, as if that makes it ok. This is where you really might want to do a deeper dive and figure out what you are afraid of so that you can get “unstuck” and go for it. Are you afraid of any causes of procrastination that I have listed above?

If you would like to start making magic happen in your life, see if any of the things above are holding you back and then begin your journey, one step at a time, without holding back.

Keep it simple and go for it!


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