That One Sexy Dream....Make it Happen

You know that one sexy dream….the one you can’t stop thinking about….

It creeps up on you when you least expect it. You find yourself daydreaming and smiling and musing about the possibilities….

It reminds you of when you were younger and it gets you excited again and it scares the heck out of you because you are not quite sure if you can have it……but you want it…… know you want it…..

Maybe it is the dream of leaving your boring-going nowhere, unsexy, suck the life out of you job and starting a business that fills more than your pocketbook, a business that lights you up from the inside -out.

Or maybe you dream about speaking in front of hundreds of people to move them-to share your message-a message that is so compelling and important that you burn with desire to share it.

Or perhaps you want to travel the world and embrace the dynamics of rich cultural experiences.

Isn’t it time you make this dream a reality?  What are you waiting for?

Tick tock…it is time to rock!!!

It is so easy to get caught up in day to day responsibilities and talk yourself into all of the reasons why you can’t have that one sexy dream.

In my humble opinion, that is baloney-simply false stories that you tell yourself.

If you really want something you have to decide pursue it. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines and not be engaged.

Here are some tips to help you romance that dream and bring it to life.

1) Go all the way! – time to stop waffling and make a decision that you can have what you want. Decide that you are worth it. Decide that you will do whatever it takes. Decide that you will not live a life full of regrets for the things you stopped yourself from doing. Time to take your dream all the way!

2) Kiss blame goodbye and start owning your life. -bottom line is that it is totally 125% up to YOU to create your life and live your dreams.

That is the good news or  the bad news-your choice.

It is time that you realize that what is showing up in your life now is the direct result of what you did or didn’t do before this moment. Your actions (or non actions) have created where you are today. Period.

3) Embrace belief -believe that your dream is totally possible and that you have everything it takes to get what you want because you do. If you  don’t believe that, you will squash your fabulous dream before you even begin.

Fake it til’ you make it.

As you start taking baby steps you will gain the confidence that you need to take the next step.

Often you have to retrain your mind because you are programmed at an early age with a default that only allows you to expect so much.

Start visualizing being exactly where you want to be as if you are already there.

Raise the bar on what is possible for you. Raise it high!

4) Expect more lovin’ – Start expecting more in your life. Begin by assuming that the world will support you instead of expecting the worse.

Like energy attracts like energy. Be mindful of what you focus on.

Believe that life will fall in love with you and your dreams are yours for the taking.

5) Flirt with taking risks – Be okay with stretching beyond your comfort zone.

One of my favorite quotes by Neale Donald Walsch is “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”.

Be ok with taking risks. Make it a fun game. Flirt with how you play the game. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Make risks a playful adventure. Who cares if you fall flat? You will learn and grow and be closer to what you want.

Create what you  really want, mindfully, purposefully and with passion.

Now that is what I am talkin’ about!

Cheers to you and your dreams,

marianne cherico


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