In this ever changing world it sometimes seems as though sometimes things are completely out of our control. And The 1 Secret to Staying Grounded in an Ever Changing Worldyet, we can choose to handle any situation in a multitude of ways.

So how do you determine which is the best way to handle the circumstances, decisions and challenges in your life?

I believe that the #1 way to stay grounded so that you can navigate the course of your life is to tap into your North Star.

Your North Star the most amazing, authentic part of you that is totally aligned with your inner wisdom as well as universal wisdom. It is sort of your inner navigation system that is constant and dependable in an ever changing world. This is the heart, soul and spirit of you that is in touch with what is best for you.

It is the pearl in the oyster, the peanut in the shell and the heart of the artichoke.

Your North Star leads all parts of you with compassion and wisdom, clarity and courage. When you tap into your North Star it will guide you to the fullest expression of who you truly are, with wisdom and compassion.

We all have a North Star-however it can get buried under layers of self sabotage or neglect.

And frankly, one of my most important goals in coaching is to help people uncover their North Star-it is THAT important!

I would like to tell you about my North Star as an example.

She is called the Yoga Warrior Goddess. She helps me stay grounded and centered at all times. She brings me back to spirit and divine inner wisdom by helping me go within. She is strong and centered and her energy is pure. She stands tall and is rooted in the earth. She doesn’t have the scattered energy that sometimes shows up in Marianne. She is more still and focused on the present moment. She is sure that all is well and she can handle anything. She is the purest, most aligned part of me and I call on her when I need her guidance.

We all have a North Star. I would love to hear about your North Star. What does your North Star look like? How does she/he help guide you?


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