The #1 Secret to Wellness and VitalityOne of my favorite health and wellness gurus is Dr. Christiane Northrup, I fell in love with her teachings when I read Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom back in the 90’s because she approached health and wellness in a more complete and profound way.

I am currently reading her new book Goddesses Never Age and it is really getting me excited because she explains how to embrace age in a way that Western Culture has not honored it ……yet!

One of my missions is to help  women embrace aging and her way of looking at things is aligned with mine-only she explains complicated medical, spiritual and scientific things in a way that is easy to digest and totally makes sense.

What sets her apart from a lot of traditional Western medicine practitioners is that she takes a more Eastern and Ayervedic approach to health and well being. Dr. Northrup believes that the first place you need to look when anything goes wrong with your body is your emotions.

According to Dr. Northrup, your beliefs and thoughts are wired into your biology and become your cells, tissues and organs. You actually hold unprocessed emotions in the tissues of your body!

If you have ever experienced any type of energy work, then you understand how your body is made of energy and that the energy travels in meridians. These meridians transport life energy or Chi/Qi to different areas of your body.

Physical problems arise when there are blockages, leading to lack of energy to certain areas of the body or surplus to other areas. Everything is connected in this energy system.

The difference between Western medicine and Eastern is that Western medicine treats a “part” of your body whereas Eastern practitioners understand how the body and spirit are interconnected and they treat the “whole”.

Dr. Northrup explains that her most profound soul lessons are the ones that ultimately brought in more “light and joy”. However they began with a physical breakdown. The physical breakdown was the catalyst that caused her to look deeper into what was going on energetically in her mind/body connection,

For instance, she once had a rare infection in her eye that nearly blinded her. The eye, according to Chinese medicine, is in the liver meridian and that is the meridian that is associated with anger. According to her, the eye condition developed as she was processing childhood anger regarding her Mother. Although medical treatment at a major eye hospital was unsuccessful, the infection went away after she began taking high doses of vitamin C or as she says “vitamin see”. She says that she was so angry at her Mother that she couldn’t, metaphorically speaking, see straight.

Dr. Northrup goes on to explain that the beliefs we hold effect our health and that living a life filled with joy is extremely important if you would like to stay well.

The #1 secret to wellness and  vitality is adding more joy to your life! Be mindful of this and make sure that you are consciously doing things that bring you joy!

Dr. Northrup is not discounting Western medicine. She is just saying that we have to see the whole picture and be aware of how our emotions play a part in our health.

There is so much more that Dr. Northrup shares that will really help you to look at aging in a more empowering way.

This book is definitely worth reading!

In fact I  am so thrilled about this book that I am going to give a copy as a prize to one of you who takes part in my 7 Day Challenge  (see below).


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