beginning of a dream

I was thinking the other day about why some people never bring their dreams to life and what has stopped them from taking the first steps.

And since I truly believe that it is ever more important to live your life more intentionally as you get older, it breaks my heart to see women  who simply never get started because they talk themselves out of the likelihood that they can manifest what they want.

The beginning of a dream is fragile. It comes in whispers. It comes in ideas that speak to your spirit and may feel like “that would be really cool” or “I wish I could do that”  or “wouldn’t it be nice if I could…..?”.

Or it may come through contrast like “I really want a different job” or “I feel stuck in this relationship” or “I want to take better care of my health”.

Often I see women who have so much to offer get stuck because they are afraid to take the next step to make their life richer, fuller and more meaningful.

They convince themselves that their life is okay so why “rock the boat”? They say things like “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know”. They pacify themselves into settling for a ho hum life, thinking of all of the reasons why they can’t get ,do or be what they would love if they allowed themselves to be more adventuress.

The fact is, when a dream is at the beginning, it needs to be tended to, fed good stuff, nurtured and strengthened. This is the most critical time to do this because if you don’t, your dream will die on the vine.

People and ideas come into our lives to remind us of our dreams. They offer opportunities for us to explore them more fully.

When I look back on the times when I have made great strides in my life, often it was because someone who I respected believed in me.

There was my drama teacher who believed in me and mentored me until I got up the courage to pursue acting and my Realtor boss who lent me the money to go to school for Home Staging and hired me for his clients often through the years, and my coach who believed that I could leave my secure job and start a coaching business, long before I believed I could.

If these people had not encouraged me or lent me a hand up, I may not have experienced some of the really cool things in my life. And  I may not have gained the courage to take that next step. All of those people stepped in at a time that was really important.

So if you are denying those beautiful whispers from your spirit, calling you towards something in your life, try and nurture them instead of letting them wither. This is your life. They are calling to you for a reason. Trust that. Allow others to help you if you need that nudge but don’t deny yourself the rich experience of following your whispers.

Just imagine what you might create in your life!


marianne cherico

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