“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker


blog_011316In order to find real success in life and business, it is so important that we own our innate power. I am not referring to the power that we exert over others. Nor am I talking about an egoic kind of power.

The power that I am talking about is a power that lies within us that helps us choose what is possible rather than what we should avoid. It comes from a place of abundance instead of scarcity and lack.

When our mindset is aligned with “playing to win” versus playing the “not to lose” game, that is power!

Personal power gives us a feeling of freedom, expansiveness and possibility. If we feel powerful from the inside out-the world is our oyster. We are able to defy our fears and accomplish our dreams. We feel safe and look at the world as full of possibility rather than filled with threats. We care less about what others think of us and more of what we think of ourselves. We realize that if we trust our divine inner guidance, we can conquer anything.

“The way in which we think of ourselves has everything to do with how our world sees us and how we see ourselves successfully acknowledged by the world.”– Arlene Rankin


When we tap into our power it is easier for us to achieve our goals because we place our focus more on the end result and less on the challenges, including the most difficult challenges which are our subconscious limiting beliefs that would prevent us from playing a bigger game. We keep our eye on the finish line and allow it to draw us towards it energetically.Think about a time that you have acted in spite of your fear because you wanted something so badly. That is personal power. Personal power is magnetic and resourceful. It draws people and circumstances to you.

It gives you the courage to build your dream even when you are not sure how. When you tap into your innate power you know that the “how” will unfold and you will have all of the resources to figure it out as you go along. You are willing to take a leap of faith because you know that you are more than capable of creating the life you want before you have solid evidence. You take a stand to believe in you!It is all about your inner game and the way that you process your thoughts. Personal power is self awareness and the realization that you have way more control over your life than you often believe. It is when you truly realize that and understand that you are the conductor of your life force that you can achieve amazing things.

As a coach, my biggest pleasure is to help clients tap into that incredible resource that is at their disposal, but often clouded by fear and limiting beliefs. I see so many wonderful ,talented, smart people short change themselves because they are not attuned to that amazing force within.

It is so easy to let society, opinions of others and conditioning usurp your personal power and you often don’t realize why. Over the years limiting beliefs become formed subconsciously and sometimes you may need help to peel them away so that you can tap into that divine power that we all have.

Cheers to YOU and your power!

marianne cherico