The Joy Zone
I believe that it is more important than ever for all of us to take stock of what makes us really happy and start making choices that keep us in our “joy zone.”

I know as I write this that some of you are saying “Ya right Marianne – that is easy for you  to say but how can I do this? There are only 24 hours in a day.  I work a gazillion hours just to get by and when I am not working everyone needs a piece of me so how am I supposed to “follow my bliss“?

And to that I say – “You must find a way. You must make this a priority because if you don’t you will become sick- your spirit will become anemic and your life force-that part of you that creates everything-will wither and you will become just a shell of yourself.”

Sounds pretty harsh, right? But think about it. Joy is such an important part of living.

Joy puts the spring in our step, helps us handle life’s complexities and is the secret sauce to a life fully lived.

Lack of joy has become an epidemic in ours lives. Many of us are starving for more joy in our life  but we keep making everything else more important thinking that we will find joy once we get something that is in the future.

The time for joy is NOW!

We have to stop putting it off!

We can create our joy in the present. It is truly a state of being and how we “show up” in our world. If we focus on where our joy is NOW, it will expand in our lives. It is simple Law of Attraction-what you focus on expands.

This is not something to take lightly. Joy is extremely important for our health and well being . It is our birthright and should be our purpose for living.

Here is what Dr. Christianne Northrup has to say about this in her book Goddesses Never Age:

“Too much “no pain, no gain” without the much-needed presence of pleasure is a setup for disease and addiction—pure and simple. Here’s why: We are pleasure-seeking creatures by Divine design. Just watch a bunch of little kids playing and you’ll see the truth of this. Our organs work better when we’re happily pursuing pleasurable activities—or thinking pleasurable thoughts.

Pleasure is not only associated with better blood flow throughout the body, it’s also associated with higher levels of the neurotransmitter beta-endorphin—a naturally occurring morphine-like substance that dulls pain and induces a feeling of euphoria. Prolactin is another neurotransmitter that is also associated with pleasure. Like beta-endorphin, this natural substance is enhanced during pleasurable social interactions, while breastfeeding, and also during lovemaking.

To know sustainable pleasure, you must know what you desire—what lights you up! And you must also learn to trust those desires. I believe that our souls speak to us through our desires, and that we discover our unique gifts and talents only by allowing ourselves to follow our bliss. After all, desire is what created our bodies in the first place. We were conceived with an orgasm—the entire universe started with a big bang.

Articulating your specific desires and then manifesting them uplifts the entire planet. Get as specific as possible. Make a list. Do you like sexy, red underwear? Then go get some. And wear it regularly. Do you like to begin your morning quietly with a cup of coffee and a little inspirational reading? Then get up five minutes earlier to indulge in this pleasure. Do you love massage? Make sure you get a massage at least once a month. To add more pleasure to your life, write down a list of your desires. Have fun thinking about everything you like.”


Bringing more joy into your world will ripple and spill onto all the lives you touch.

With that in mind, I would like you to start thinking about some ways you might start to experience more joy in your life:

1. Start Saying YES to yourself
2. Stretch out of your comfort zone
3. Do more of what makes you happy
4. Get creative
5. Be mindful of simple pleasures
6. Surround yourself with fun, upbeat people
7. Laugh at silly things
8. Schedule time for fun
9. Practice an attitude of gratitude
10. Be fully present in the moment


It would be really awesome if you chose one of these a day for 10 days and see what happens.

Joy- sprinkle that sh*t everywhere…....

Wishing you ALL the Abundant Joy Your Heart Can Hold,

marianne cherico

P.S. If you would like to learn how to add more joy to your life so that you can create your smokin’ hot second half, email me at for a complimentary half hour strategy session.