Cosmic Visualization

I see it over and over again, Someone says that they want to lose weight, be in a loving relationship, land the perfect job, build a lifestyle business, have more fun, etc. and then they don’t take the steps to achieve that goal.

And I believe that one of the most important reasons is that they don’t set specific intentions on a daily basis.

It is so important to be intentional in your business and life. Otherwise you will simply be taking what you get instead of creating your life and business by design-your design. Intention is the creative power that aligns our body, mind and spirit with our dreams.

Everything in the universe begins with intention.

Once you set yourĀ intention you will begin to instinctually know how to handle any situation for optimal results. You will act as a result of the way that you are “being” from the inside/out and this will guide you.

An intention is not the same as a goal. A goal is a desired result that typically has a deadline. An intention is more of a way to align with the essence of what you would like for the outcome to be in any given situation.

Here is an example. Often we set intentions at the beginning of a yoga class. For example, I might tell myself to stay open, let go of stress or “go to my edge”. You can see how different shifts in perspective might give me a completely different yoga experience. The journey is as important as any outcome.

Whether you are meeting with a client, a prospect, your own coach or any interactions that are meaningful, you should first decide what your intended outcome is for this connection.

So for instance, let’s say that you are meeting with a potential client. Your goal may be to have the client sign on for your services but your intention may be to be fully present to the client’s deepest desires.

See how that shift in perspective would help you connect better with the client on a deeper level? If you are focused on having the client sign, you might not succeed because you are so caught up in the end result that you will not really be hearing what the client’s needs are so how can you provide a solution that they will feel is genuine? The client is much more apt to hire you if he or she feels fully heard, right?

People sense your intentions!

Here is anther example. I have been going to a Dr. for my baby finger which was recently broken in a fall. This was exacerbated by a disease that I have that makes my finger bend. Since this Dr. came highly recommended I felt great about going to him. Until I actually did…..

Both times that I met with him I waited over an hour and when he did come into the room I felt totally rushed. In fact, when I asked him about surgery, he complained that it would take 10 minutes to explain and suggested that I read a brochure. What? I was confused about why I was there (for the second time-paying $50 co pays each visit) and I strongly felt that his intention was to get to the next patient. It was evident in everything he did and said. If his intention was to take care of me I would have felt that as well.

When I work with coaching clients I always ask them to set an intention for what they want to get out of each session. This helps them stay focused and clear so that they are spending their time and money wisely-intentionally.

Setting your intention for the outcome is great for anything. Let’s say you are concerned about the behavior of one of your teenagers and you have to ask a difficult question but your intention is to deeply connect, your outcome will be different than if your intention is simply to get to the bottom of something or to accuse.

The point is that you can set the tone to achieve your desired outcome, or not. Stay mindful that your intention is the energy behind what you do and say and it is commensurate with what comes back to you.

Here is another thing. Once you set your intention, let go of the attachment to the outcome. When you do this you are trusting that the universe will deliver and energetically you will attract what is in your best interest. Stay open to receiving and follow and take action from your divine inner wisdom. This is where trust comes in.

So start being more intentional and see how things change in your life.



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