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Do you have the courage to live your best life?

If you want to live your life fully you have to become friends with courage. In my humble opinion, one of the most courageous things that you can do is to peel away the layers of who you are not in order to discover who you really are from your deepest core.

Society has such a huge impact on the way that we think that often we have beliefs that are not aligned with our truest spirit, and yet we take them as truths. Unfortunately, these beliefs may not be serving your highest good. In fact, they may be sabotaging whatever it is that you really want to create in your life and you may not even be aware of the impact.

These beliefs can be the silent killer of dreams.

It takes enormous courage to challenge the beliefs that society would have you accept. One of the significant ways that I help my clients is by defying these stories (aka beliefs) that they have about themselves. These stories are often created subconsciously and are more about the outside world and its influence on their life choices, than their inside world which is where true inner wisdom lies.

As a coach, I find it incredibly rewarding when I see the light bulb go on in a client who was previously defining herself through the lens of others and now is defined by her truest self. That aha is the catalyst where true transformation takes place and once a client sees this, she will never be quite the same.

In Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly she talks about how women are socialized to be everything to everyone, This is one of the implicit expectations that society has put upon us. What is really challenging is that we are expected of this and at the same time we are given contradicting expectations. Here are some examples that Brene gives us:

  • Don’t upset anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings but say what is on your mind
  • Don’t get too emotional but don’t be too detached either. Too emotional and you are hysterical. Too detached and you are a coldhearted bitch.
  • Be perfect but don’t make a fuss about it or take away from anything, like your family or your partner or your work, to achieve your perfection. If you are really good, perfection should be easy.

It is no small wonder that women often feel as though they can’t win. These stories of how we should be strip us of our very power if we allow ourselves to be driven by them.

A much more exciting and compelling way to live is to create our own stories around how we want to show up in the world.

The next time that you have even a small inkling of a dream that you might like to manifest, ask yourself “what story would help nurture this dream?.

Stop trying to be a perfect woman. Get messy. Get real and go beyond what you think is possible Challenge the stories, Be ok with “failure”. See it as a stepping stone towards something much greater. Lose the illusion of perfectionism and start making sure that you are nurturing what is really important to you.

As my daughter used to say ”Go big or go home” and I say-defy society’s rules of who you should be. Kiss them good bye!


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