As I approach my 59th birthday this month, I am again reminded about how fast time goes by. Birthdays do that, don’t they? They cause you to stop and think-evaluate where you are and where you are heading.

So many things are happening this year.

This year my youngest daughter left the nest and I am not going to lie-it was a sad first few weeks of letting go. My husband and I missed hearing her stories when she came home from her Interior Design job in Boston. She breathed energy into our home with her dynamic personality and it felt empty for awhile.

My middle daughter got engaged to the love of her life. It has been a year filled with planning and getting excited and lots of female bonding with her and her sisters.  Her happiness fills my heart and I am soo grateful!

And my oldest daughter and son in law are having a baby-our first Grandchild. He is a little boy and we are already madly in love with him. We are excitedly planning the nursery in their new home with heartfelt anticipation.

And life goes on……….

There are some changes that are unplanned in our lives and whether or not they bring us joy or sadness, it is up to us to determine how we will adapt.

But there is a restless side in me that doesn’t want to just “adapt”. That side of me wants to create my life from the inside out-living intentionally and with purpose. I want to be in alignment with those things that mean the most to me-to tap into my spiritual DNA and create my one authentic life by design.

I love my work passionately, but I also want to make sure that I always prioritize my daughters, husband and now my Grandchildren. My bucket list has also become ever more important as I see time slip away and I realize that there is more of an urgency to do things that fill my heart-like travel with my parents.

That part of me that knows that more than half of my life is over sometimes argues with that part that still thinks that I will live forever-as if death is a silly lie that dangles  before me, prompting me to grab all of the gusto that life has in store.

There is more desire to create my life and business so that my business supports my life instead of the other way around. This takes effort on my part. It is so easy to fall into the traps of what I “should do”. However, I want to create the world that I want-rose colored glasses and all.

I am not in a position to not work. In fact, I don’t see a future where I will “retire”.  The really cool thing is that I love my work. It fills me up to help others take on their fears and own their magnificence. Maybe it is that “mothering” part of me that gives me purpose. I love being a Mom.

As much as I want to increase revenue in my business by serving lots of people, I also want to carve out time to spend with loved ones. The currency of time becomes more meaningful as I get older.  Children and Grandchildren grow up so quickly and I want to savor the moments. I understand deeply how I will never get these moments back.

One thing that I know for sure is that you are never too old to change your life. I changed my life dramatically a couple of years ago when I left a steady paying job to start my coaching practice and I have never regretted that decision.

Creating your own business takes  lot of work and faith and guts! And you are challenged to show yourself what you are made of.  If I can do it, you can too!

As I look forward to next year there are a few commitments that I will make to myself. I will vow to listen to my inner voice more-that part of me that knows what is best. I will also vow to work past any fears that might keep me playing small. I will be grateful for all that I have. I will keep learning and growing. I will expand what my expectations are on what is possible. I will be a beacon of light for those women who need someone to show them their magnificence. And I will always remember what is really most important to me from a deeper place

This year I won’t take anything for granted! This year I will make a vow to be even more intentional about how I live my one precious life!

What about you? What will you do this year?

Cheers to you and your magnificence,


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