I often get asked, “what do you mean by transformational coaching?” and I would like to try and explain it in a way that will help you understand the amazing benefits because transformational coaching is so profound that it changes the way we are wired and helps us conquer our goals in a way that is unlike any other-by changing you from the inside out!

I love helping my clients gain a sense of empowerment that trasformational coaching brings and my coaches training focused on the fact that we are all creative,resourceful and whole . It is my job as a coach to help you own that so that you can reach your fullest potential.

Transformational coaching starts with finding out what my client really wants and then helping her grow into the person who will achieve what she wants by transforming her way of “being” and sense of empowerment in the world.


When I talk about empowerment it is not in an egoic way but more of a strong sense of knowing who she is, what she wants and owning her dream and vision for her life-and then making it happen!

………in spite of her fears and limiting beliefs.

“How does one become a butterfly”, she asked? “You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” Trina Paulus

When we feel empowered we are more resilient. We are better at handling situations that might have stopped us in the past and we believe that we can make our dreams come true. This belief is so important because if we don’t really believe that we can do something, we will resist it!

Often times clients have a vague idea of the essence of what they want. They are frustrated with a job or relationship. They are not happy with their business results, They want to build their business without feeling overwhelmed. They want to feel financially secure or thriving.

In order to really zero in on what that means to each client, we have to dig a little deeper by asking compelling questions. We may have to poke and prod and challenge long held beliefs about a situation or the way that the client sees the world so that the client learns to handle things from a different perspective- a perspective that will get them closer to what they want.

Helping my client uncover what she really wants is sort of like an excavation because often people think that they know what they want but it is really what they think that they should want or what others want for them instead of what is truly in alignment with their deepest desires.

Once we have determined what the client truly wants-we begin to build on that dream by creating a crystal clear vision of what it will look like. This is so important because unless she knows what her dream will look like with deep clarity, how can she possibly begin to take inspired action to manifest it in her life?

Manifesting the dream is like taking care of a beautiful plant from a seedling. At the beginning, it is fragile and needs extra care so that the elements, (or limiting beliefs or naysayers) don’t stop it from growing. Once it becomes strong it builds momentum and becomes more resilient. It is my job as a coach to hold my client’s agenda for her as she becomes strong in her dream-to help her reach for the stars.

Transformational coaching treats the person holistically as opposed to simply treating the symptom. It gives the client the tools to live authentically, from the inside out and tap into that place of power that will help her in all areas of her life. It literally changes the way she looks at the world so that she sees it through a different lens-a lens that focuses on what will serve her highest and best good.

This form of coaching is different than coaching to get from point a to point b. When someone is being coached to go from point a to point b, it is not as sustainable for long term growth as transformational coaching because it doesn’t involve the inner game of the person.

Here is an example. You work with a coach to lose 10 lbs so that you can fit into a size 6 dress for the class reunion and the coach has you eat off of a particular menu and follow a specific exercise routine. You lose the weight but gain it all back shortly after the reunion.

So in essence you have achieved your goal but you don’t have the inner game tools to make this change last because you haven’t worked on the mindset that got you there in the first place. Maybe you eat because you are bored or you eat every time you feel stressed. Maybe you have a belief that being overweight will protect you from unwanted attention or eating numbs you of unwanted feelings. Whatever the reason, until those subconscious saboteurs are unveiled and dealt with, you will keep making the same choices based on limiting and/or false beliefs.

If those beliefs aren’t uncovered, challenged and replaced by more empowering beliefs, you will fall into old patterns and not get the results that you would like.

The same is true for challenges in business like getting more clients or doubling your income. You can learn the strategy to do this but unless your inner game-your mindset is in alignment- you won’t sustain a level of success that fulfills you.

Transformational coaching is not as simple as giving my clients advice. We all know what we should be doing.

Instead, it is my job to help the client shift her preconceived notions about how she sees the world to more empowering interpretations so that she reaches her desired outcome. It focuses on the states of being that generate inspired actions and comes from a place of abundance and anything is possible rather than limitations.

This type of coaching is ideal for people who are open to new ways of looking at things in order to become their highest and best self. It is also great for business owners who want to grow their business.

If you are interested in learning how this type of coaching might help you, please email me at marianne@mariannecherico.com to set up a discovery session.

Cheers to your highest and best self,