Marianne - Empty Nest

Warning: Empty Nest Approaching

Are you feeling anxious, sad or even a little depressed about your children leaving home?

This can be a common symptom of empty nest syndrome and it is especially tough on women who have given up everything to take care of their family. They start to wonder what their purpose is in the world and what is next for them. Sometimes they feel as though they are not in touch with who they are, separate from role of Mom. Many women find themselves lost and afraid, unsure of what their value is now. Without their role as caretaker they feel that their life purpose has been lived and they aren’t sure what is next. They know that they want something to look forward to but they aren’t sure what that something is.

This is a time for reflection and reinvention. 

And in fact, this can be an amazing transitional point in a woman’s life where she will start to make choices based on how she wants to spend the next years. Many women figuratively and literally start to clean out their closets in order to decide what stays and what goes.

Now that our children don’t need us in the same way, we have to redefine who we are-not so much from a place of doing but from a place of being-not more movement but less. This” beingness” will allow us to fully engage in life instead of wanting to control it. This is a place from which you will start to decide what you will say yes to and what you will say no to. It is rich territory. You can really start to reinvent yourself here, from role of being caretaker to role of being you.  In this transitional time it is important to celebrate who you are and what is really important to you in the precious next half of your life.

We have been so busy pushing through each phase of our life up until now, gauging our actions on what we “must do” and the “shoulds” of making sure everyone’s needs were met, that we may feel uncomfortable about getting back in touch with ourselves. But trust this transitional time and allow it to unfold.

The most important questions that we can ask ourselves is “Who am I now? and “Who do I want to become?”

But there is no need to rush this period in our lives which is fertile for growth. It is most important to figure out who we want to become from a place of stillness, of being ok with being in transition. And of simply being-being who we are and being in touch with our inner spirit. This is the place where we will make the best decisions about how we want to deliberately create the next phase.

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So how do you figure out what you want next?

You have to let your divine inner guidance speak to you and this only happens when your “monkey mind” is turned off. Take your time. Spend quiet time with yourself. This is not “to do list time”. It is a time to explore the world through different eyes. Try on different hats.  Open yourself up to spending time on things that make you happy. Now might be just the right time to take that art class that you have always wanted to take or to go on a spa vacation. Or it might be the right time to start that business that you always wanted to start.

Just know that empty nest syndrome is normal.

It is your way of mourning that part of your life and letting the next phase unfold. And although you may be confused about what is to come, use this time to listen to the inner whispers of your soul to reconnect with yourself. This will guide you to your purpose in the next wonderful period in your life-whatever that looks like to you. It is just the beginning of another magical life phase.

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